How Hard Will You Fight for Your Sweet Surprise?

While reading the article An ‘added sugar’ label on foods? Stop! You’re confusing me! in the LA Times (which is about how the FDA wants to test putting “added sugar” labels on foods), I noticed the Google adword advertisement for a website created by the Center for Consumer Freedom.

Sweet Surprise Ad

The Center for Consumer Freedom is a front group that re-frames consumer health issues through rhetorical politicizing. By taking the angle that our personal freedoms are being limited or attacked, consumers end up arguing on the side of the corporations who are pushing junk food on us and our children. We basically fight to have our right to eat poo.

How many people who read the LA Times article know that the website Sweet Surprise is indirectly funded by the fast food industry? At a moment when the consumer is confused about whether or not foods should be labeled, they end up being “educated” about the “facts” by what seems like a non-profit organization without an agenda. Too bad that’s not the case!

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