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Summer Sugar Binge, 2017

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I ate sweets. It was a conscious decision and it didn’t last long.

Last summer I sat and watched as my wife, friends, and family ate ice cream at the local ice cream shops (we live by the beach near many ice cream parlors).

I lamented that the shops are closed around my annual Halloween sweet time and therefore I was unable to get a taste for the local ice cream scene.

The idea of opening an ice cream window in the middle of the summer came to mind and this year I jumped through that window.

It was supposed to be just about ice cream but it ended up being a little more.

Sorry to report that Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream was gross. It had a chemical flavor and not a very creamy consistency.

I got some chocolate ice cream at The Big Dipper. It was okay. They have large servings there, so that was satisfying. However, I wanted more.

I ate dessert at a friend’s wedding—chocolate cake and a doughnut hole dipped in chocolate sauce. I also ate chocolate chip waffles with syrup at brunch.

On the way home I got some chocolate covered pretzels from the bulk aisle at Whole Foods. They were way too sweet, yet I still ate every last one of them.

Since I had eaten bad ones, I purchased some Flipz brand chocolate covered pretzels (my old go-to snack from years ago) to balance things out. I enjoyed eating, and still crave, Flipz. You could say I’m a Flipz fan.

I also ate ice cream at Scoop City and Woo Hoo. Both were good.

And finally, I ate some (vegan) chocolate chip cookies. We made them at home and they were delicious.

However, I’m off the sweets again. The whole binge lasted four days. Despite not feeling so good, I don’t regret the transgression from my usual sugar-free diet. It was rather enlightening. Here are some things I noticed:


  1. People don’t care what you eat. Still, I wanted to apologize or hide the junk.
  2. As soon as I opened the sugar window, I immediately wanted more sweets.
  3. My body literally ached after eating sweets. Any of the places that generally give me some trouble felt even worse with sugar coursing through them.
  4. My belly bloated like a balloon after eating sweets.
  5. Real foods—the stuff I eat regularly—became boring and unappealing.
  6. I was much hungrier than usual. Nothing satisfied my cravings except Flipz.
  7. Eating a steady stream of Flipz brand chocolate covered pretzels seemed like a really good idea. I only had one bag, thankfully.
  8. Waking up on sugar is hell. As sluggish and lousy as I felt, reaching first thing for sweets was what I wanted to (and did) do.
  9. I went vegan in October of 2016. A lot of the ice cream, cake, and candy I ate was not vegan.
  10. I am craving sugar as I type this. Specifically, I want the salty/sweet flavor of chocolate covered pretzels. I would eat those all day everyday if I didn’t know any better.


  1. You’re always just a bite away from a full-blown sugar binge.
  2. Sugar is like gun powder and you are a bullet. The mechanism is set up to fire you down the barrel and into a target set up by the sugar industry.
  3. Sugar is never as good as you remember it to be.
  4. Sugar is always there, waiting for you to purchase and consume it.
  5. There are many influences, but you alone control what you put in your body.
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Candida Martinez


You are inspiring!  I want to quit sugar this right now.

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