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Stressed Out? Don’t Give In

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Stress. That constant, external pressure pushing you towards your old habits. If a movie or book doesn’t help you escape, you may find yourself turning to sweets.

Too many people say, “I’ll deal with avoiding sugar after it all blows over.”

Next thing you know you’re knuckle-deep in a jar of Nutella.

Here are five things to keep in mind as you sail through the struggles:

1. Indulging Is Temporary

If you give in, remember that it will only be a temporary relief. Shortly after you have some sugar you may find yourself regretting it, which adds to the stress. Many people will go back to the sweets for that temporary fix of stress relief and cycle up and down like an endless roller coaster. The only way to rid yourself of the added stress is to abstain from sweets and trade sugar for something else.

2. Do Something Else

Take action of some kind. Instead of sitting in front of a screen, get up and get out. Instead of eating junk, take a walk. Do some jumping jacks. Do anything that requires your body and mind. Outdoor activities that require a decent level of concentration can help you feel good about yourself while also getting your mind off things. When you return to the troubled world, you’ll be mentally prepared.

3. Avoid the He Said She Said

If you’re experiencing added stress it’s because whatever is happening is having an impact on your life. Instead of joining the fight, take a step back. Breathe. Literally breathe. Sometimes the best response is no response (which is a response). If you are involved and you can’t break away…

4. Limit Your Exposure

Due to technology, you can stay plugged into a conversation, debate, forum, email chain, meme war, or TV channel constantly. This can be terrible for your health. If you’re involved and it’s not life-or-death, limit your interaction to a certain time period each day. That way you can mentally prepare before you connect and then you can come down afterwards. Avoid media that hypes and sensationalizes everything like, “The world ends tonight at 11.”

5. Choose Wisely

Are you going to become stronger if you eat a back of cookies or a bag of carrots? Build yourself up, don’t break yourself down. You’re going to eat something so eat well. It’s easy to remember—when you’re most stressed, make the healthy choice.

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Candida Martinez


Sometimes I don’t see a way out.  I have 3 year old twins for 12 hours by myself.  What I really want is a break but I can’t have one.  I eat chocolate instead :(

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