Stop Being Sweet

Sugar is Everywhere! Why Can’t I Stop?

Stop Being Sweet

Addicted to Sugar Cookies

You want to stop eating sweets but you’ve tried and failed. What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you just stop?

Three reasons:

1. You Don’t Really Want to Stop.

Who really wants to quit sugar? People don’t want to give up sweets but some have to. You LIKE eating sweets. What you don’t like is the aftermath. It will take practice in order for you to sustainably avoid sugar.

The Solution: You have to condition yourself to not want to eat sugar. After five years of not eating sweets, I sill sometimes crave sugary foods. However, I’ve conditioned myself to know that if I eat junk food I’m going to feel like junk soon after. You must condition yourself by (almost) any means possible. You know what would work for you.

2. You Don’t Know How to Stop.

Eating well is a skill that takes practice and knowledge. If you didn’t learn it from your upbringing then you have to teach yourself.

The Solution: Read books. Read blogs. Talk to nutritionists, doctors, or friends. Try different foods and see how you feel. Learn how to read a label. All of that information adds up to become what will become your own personal health practice. Being that it’s an ongoing activity, your skill set will develop over time instead of overnight. You didn’t know how to drive a car after making a single, impassioned declaration.

3. The Odds Are Stacked Against You.

Eating sugary food is fun and large companies spend lots of money to make sure it stays that way. Sweets come in bright, colorful wrappers. Crazy characters entertain us while we eat the stuff. Sweets are sold in movie theaters, roller rinks, fancy restaurants, and anyplace people gather for a good time. Sweets are cheap to produce and easy to buy. They’re just plain EVERYWHERE. Friends and family make and give sweets to show love. Your spouse, relative, friend, and coworker will offer you your favorite snack if you admit that you’re trying to quit sugar.

The Solution: Put your health first. That means you’ll say no even though someone went through the trouble of baking you a batch of cookies or invited you to have an ice cream cake dessert with them. They’ll never stop offering it until you stop accepting and eating it. While it may seem like you’re battling the whole world, the truth is it’s you vs. yourself. Give yourself a break and stop being so sweet!

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Judith B.


After being sugar-free for 4 months, I decided to eat sweets for my late January birthday.  I noticed that eating sweets out is not as damaging as bringing them home.  Home turns into bingeing.  I can tell you that it is not worth it.  I feel spacey and heavy and miss healthy foods.  I have gained weight and wasted money. 
I am learning that there will always be some new sweet to try and I cannot eat it all. 
Indeed, sugar is everywhere with new cupcakeries and chocolate shops cropping up everywhere. 
I plan to begin again on Feb. 15.  My hope is that I can be as successful as I was before.



Hi Judith, you inspired this post!



Yes, sugar is everywhere….
organic, refined, raw, granules, liquid, etc.
Everyday a new wave of ‘the current, correct sugar’ to eat….
Thank you for grounding us with the truth of our responsibility of choice….

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