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10 Last-Minute, Sugar-Free Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Forget flowers and candy in a heart-shaped box. Do something different! Below are ten last-minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas that don’t require sweets. 

1. Your Time

If you’re truly in love, nothing is better than spending time with your partner. Set up a special date and leave your computer, phone, and distractions out of it.

2. Special Favors

Make a small coupon book with redeemable coupons good for one favor each. Example: Do the dishes. Wash the car. Dress as a character from Star Wars and pretend to be that character in bed. Just listen for a 1/2 hour. Give a back rub.

3. Surprise Notes

Leave little notes around the house in places where your partner will easily find them (by the toothbrush, in the fork drawer, etc.). Write a compliment on each note and/or add a special reward to be given for the discovery of the note.

4. Go on an Adventure Date

Sign up for a cooking class. Go to the trampoline gym. Race a go-cart. Try whatever weird thing you can find locally. It will provide you with some new memories and the shared experience helps you bond without needing to eat candy.

5. Give a Massage

Take an hour and massage your partner. Do like a professional masseuse would do.

6. Make a Video

Make a private video where you show and tell your partner what they mean to you.

7. Take a Trip

Get out! Go away! Take a day or a weekend and explore someplace you have meant to go for a while but haven’t yet been. Getting out of town can be very refreshing.

8. Make Something

If you have a skill, craft a special gift for your partner. Or, offer to make it custom to their specifications.

9. Get Something Handmade

If you don’t have a skill but you appreciate handmade crafts, check out and choose something cool. Print out a card and write that a special surprise is coming soon in the mail.

10. Gift Certificate

This may not be the most romantic thing on this list. However, a gift certificate to your partner’s favorite store is always something you know they will use.

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