Stop Being Sweet

Sugar Does Not Equal Love

Stop Being Sweet

As we move into the holiday season I want to remind you of something.

Sugar is not love.

Love is an emotion. Love is not tangible. Love is free. Yet, for millions of people sugar represents love. Baking your sweetie something sweet is a popular way to say, “I love you.”

We give chocolate on Valentine’s Day and share sweets during the holidays. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But where we do go wrong is when we start to mistake sugar for love. Not everyone has this problem, but many sugar addicts do.

Sugar addicts tend to eat sweets as a result of wanting to connect with a loved one in person or from afar. Afar could mean the person is out of town, overseas, or has passed away. For instance, a daughter bakes and eats a particular cake recipe because she used to make that cake with her mother and it was her mother’s favorite. Or, a young man goes to get ice cream every time he feels that does something right because his father used to reward him with a chocolate chip mint sundae. Sound familiar?

As holiday madness takes control of your life in the coming weeks, keep in mind this simple rule:

Sugar does not equal love.

There are other ways to show your love besides eating and giving sugary foods. Find one that works for you.

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