Stop Being Sweet

Sugar Addicts Set Themselves Up for Failure

Stop Being Sweet

addict People don’t want to quit their addiction and so they set themselves up to fail. They tell themselves it’s all or nothing. They want to quit right now and they want it to last forever. And then it doesn’t work and they’re like, “I can’t do it. I guess I’ll go finish that tub of ice cream.”

It’s easier being a failure than it is being an achiever. Failing is easy. You don’t have to work at failing. Achieving, on the other hand, requires practice and skill. Skill is the result of practice. Practicing requires effort. To succeed at anything takes effort. You already know that.

Ask yourself if you really want to quit sweets and you’ll probably say no. That said, you know you’d be better off if you stopped eating sugar and junk food. Why can’t you just moderate it? Because it’s very difficult to break habits you don’t know you have. In order to manage (different from moderate) your sugar intake, try creating a realistic goal. Start small and don’t set yourself up to fail with all-or-nothing declarations. You don’t need to quit sweets forever—it might be impossible to do—but you can stop being sweet.

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