Stop Being Sweet

2017 New Year’s Resolution: Why Quit Sugar?

Path Littered with Cookies

Happy New Year! The path before you is littered with cookies. Your job is to step on them and not to eat them. Every time you are presented with sweets consider it another chance to continue on your path. Eating sweets will slow you down. Stomping on them (literally or figuratively) will move you towards a healthier you.

That said, you have a lot of work to do. It’s easy to say you’re gonna stop eating junk food. It’s another thing to be at your friend’s birthday party and say no to the delicious ice cream and cake they’re pushing under your nose.

The question to ask yourself is, “How did I get here?” And by that I mean not how did you get to this website, but how did you get to the point where you wanted to go sugar-free?

Did any of these events from 2016 influenced you?

Soda Finally Got Taxed

Philadelphia passed a soda tax, becoming the first US city to do so. The beverage industry tried to sue, but the judge threw the case out of court. For the first time, Americans will have some quantifiable evidence to show if taxing sugary drinks has any positive effects. Regardless of how you feel about taxes, the fact of the matter is that taxing soda and sugary beverages means people are realizing that these types of foods can negatively impact a person’s health.

We Discovered the Sugar Industry Lied

Years ago, the sugar industry successfully blamed heart disease on fat. As a result, people began to avoid fat and food manufacturers began removing fats from their products and adding sugar instead. Problem was, evidence showed that it was sugar that was causing obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

The Sugar Industry Hasn’t Changed

A recent study concluded that there is weak evidence showing that sugar is bad for you. The article was funded by International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI), an organization primarily supported by the food and agriculture industry. If sweets were so good for us, we’d eat them all day everyday and nobody would feel like crap as a result.

You’re Tired of Eating Sweets

So, why are you ready to start now? What was the catalyst that set you on this path? It’s important to know because you need to be serious if you’re going to successfully go sugar-free. This is a lifestyle choice, not something you do for a few weeks and then you’re cured. Going off sugar is a bit like becoming a body builder. You’ll see no results if you don’t flex your muscles and do the work.

Below are some blog posts to help you get started. Feel free to ask questions and comment. I’m here to help.

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Happy New Year David!

Another great post. I’ve just started reading Gary Taubes’ latest book, The Case Against Sugar.  So much misinformation and downright lies have led to addicting the western world to all the various forms of sugar. What started as an evolutionary help, is unfortunately now a modern person’s snake pit. People need help with sugar/carb cravings. i have a friend who belongs to Overeaters Anonymous to get support in dealing with her sugar addiction. A great organization to let people know about.
You are one of the few strong and reliable people out there taking the message to those who need it most.
Thank you!



Hi Nan, always good to hear from you. I haven’t looked into Overeaters Anonymous but will check it out. Thanks.



Hi David,
I watched your webinar. Thank you! I would’ve commented on there while it was going on, but I’m not hooked up into social media, so I couldn’t check in.
My question was this…Did you end up cutting out things like bread and pasta?
Just wondering.



Hi Kathy, I did not. When I went off candy and snacks, my pasta intake increased for a while. Today I still eat pasta a few times a month (as opposed to every night) and lately we’ve been substituting pasta with zucchini. I still eat bread but only buy brands with low to no sugar added. I do eat bread if I’m out at a restaurant. Neither pasta or bread makes me want to binge on sweets so I don’t get too concerned about it even though there is some sugar in there.



I love the post. Thanks for sharing these thoughts. Very inspiring! how-to-stop-eating-sugar/

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