Stop Being Sweet

People Who Wave Sweets in Your Face

Tempting with Ice Cream

When you go sugar-free, there will inevitably be someone who will tempt you to eat something sweet while knowing full-well that you are trying to stay off sweets.

They’ll say, “Don’t you want some ______?” as they wave your favorite dessert under your nose. If you get annoyed they’ll claim they were just being playful.

Ignore these people. Plain and simple. Forget about them. They have no power over you. The temptation comes from the sweets, not from the person. After all, you wouldn’t be tempted to eat a cake made of pepper and sardines if they waved that under your nose. The temptress is simply trying to close the gap between your addiction and your substance of choice.

Why would they do that? Because your choice impacts them. Your ability to be your word means that person could also be their word. It means that they have power over their destiny when they don’t think they do. By tempting you, they are trying to prove to themselves that nobody has willpower, that their pessimistic worldview is correct, and that they can corrupt you because people are easy.

Here’s how to deal with them:

1. Avoid, Walk Away

Stay away from these people. If they’re a friend or family member, avoid them for a while until you gain confidence in your ability to brush them off.

2. Make or Bring Your Own Food

Always bring a sugar-free dish to the party. That way there’s something for you to eat and you know exactly what’s in it. Having a sugar-free dish to fall back on means you can participate in the ritual of communal eating and enjoy some food while blending in. If you’re not at a party, you made good food that is yours to eat.

3. Retaliate With Care

It’s tempting to want to retaliate against the person by taking out a deck of cards when you know they have a gambling problem. Or by commenting on their weight. Or by mentioning some weakness you know they are sensitive about. However, two wrongs don’t make it right and you’re better off just walking away.

4. Make Up Your Mind

Before you even put yourself in the situation, make up your mind. For instance, you’re on your way to the company barbecue and you know Jerkey Jerkfacerson is gonna be there. Not attending could cost you a promotion so you have to be there. Before you even leave home, look yourself in the mirror and vow that you will not indulge in eating sweets. Having that kind of pledge and keeping your promise to yourself can give you a secret strength that nobody knows about.

5. Know That Which Is Harder

It’s more difficult to overcome peer pressure and abstain from sweets than it is to have a little bit so to not rock the boat. Just say no. By not taking the bait, you are caring for yourself and setting an example for others to follow. Be the change.

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