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Sugar Challenge for the New Year: 1 Month Without Sugar

Stop Being Sweet

Happy New Year!

23 days. That’s all it takes, so they say. It takes 23 days to create a new habit. If you want to cut out sugar in 2012 then you need to start by going at least 23 days. Just in case, we’re going to go 31 days.

Join the January Sugar Challenge!

Since everyone is different, I’m inviting you to post in the comments below and let us know what your parameters are for this month. Maybe you just want to cut out sugar from your coffee. Perhaps you want to completely get off candy and snacks. Whatever you choose is up to you. Make the commitment and then make it public!

We’ll keep in touch through the comments on this post and via the Stop being Sweet forum. Together we can support each other to Stop Being Sweet in 2012.

From right now until January 31st, do your thing. Good luck!

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I’m in!

My parameters are: being refined sugar and flour free, not only for January, but as a sustained and consistent practice. January is always a good start, though!

I made it through NYE without any of it, and it surprisingly wasn’t that difficult. I felt so good for sticking to my vegan, whole foods and no alcohol. No hangovers, alcohol or sugar related today =)



Posted in the wrong section again. But I’m in for the challenge. Time to exercise the self restraint muscle.



I’m in!



Dear David since it’s been only two days since I’ve not eaten sugar, I’m finding difficulties through the process. Any ideas of keeping motivated ? I want this so much



Had a small amount of sugar today with peanut butter and some dried fruit, but stopped myself from continuing and embraced the uncomfortable feeling, knowing that I am overcoming a challenge and growing stronger. Find meaning in every challenge.



How’s it going?

De, check out the Stop Being Sweet blog archive and read whatever jumps out at you.



Hi I’m Liz,
I’ve been looking quite closely at my weight recently and I knew that the main culprit was sugar and milk so I have cut them both out of my life for good. Today is day 5 for me and the headaches arrive everyday at lunchtime and stay until I go to bed in the evening. Even painkillers don’t take the edge offf. I cut out tea at the same time because what is tea without sugar and milk. I feel tired but strangely enough I don’t want milk, tea or sugar I just wish I wasn’t so tired and I wish this headache would go.



My New Year’s resolution was to cut out the refined sugar - been 10 days and the withdrawal symptoms are starting to subside. Surprisingly, I haven’t really had any cravings aside from fresh grapefruit. Glad I found this site, it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one trying to go sugar free!



Still doing well. I also cut out all alcohol and cut some excess calories in the process.



I ate sugar over the past two weeks. A lot of it! I’m now back OFF sweets and will remain that way until Halloween. I’ll post the whole story soon.

How are you? January is almost over…



Hi David,

Hope you are well. Getting off track like that can be really difficult…I find that the addiction really is progressive and when I get off, I really go further and further into the deep end. I’m glad you are back with us, though. That’s inspiring =)

I’m doing surprisingly well. I’ve lost most of the weight I gained in the fall/early winter and sweets haven’t held too much of a grip on my psyche. The obsessions are a bit more subtle…usually =p There will always be difficult days.

I look forward to your story =)



Must be global climate change—or our nonstop politcal circus! I too had a blowout last week with first fish and chips, then sweet rolls and dark chocolate. Felt like hell for it, but that was a big motivator to get back on track. It started when I was visiting my daughter whose house is a minefield for me. It ain’t easy being a liberal and a sugaraholic.



Is there a correlation between political leanings and what we eat? That’d be an interesting study!



Interesting article in the vancouver Sun today: “Sugar should be controlled like alcohol” news/thewest/Sugar+should+controlled +like+alcohol+report/6085350/story.h tml



A different take thank taxing sweet drinks, I wonder if it will ever come to that.



David-Based on a recent map graphic of heaviest states, they were overwhelmingly red.

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