Stop Being Sweet

How Long Does It Take To Quit Sugar?

Stop Being Sweet

The most common question that people ask me is, “How log does it take to quit sugar?” To which I answer, “How long does it take to become good at chess?”

Here’s the thing. Quitting sugar is not like quitting smoking. When you quit smoking the idea is that you will never again smoke a cigarette. That’s a very possible thing to do. How one gets there is up to the individual. Some folks quit cold turkey in one day based on a whim or a gut feeling. Others take years to get off the smokes. The key is that you have to want to do it.

Quitting sugar, on the other hand, is darn near impossible. There are many foods that contain sugar or turn into sugar. Where do you draw the line? Bread? Fruit? Carrots? Thinking that you’ll just up and quit one day is like trying to be a great chess player THIS WEEK—it’s not going to happen. You have to practice. You have to lose a lot. You will win as well, but you certainly will lose. That’s part of the process. Getting off sugar is a process and staying off sugar is a skill.

How long does it take to stop being sweet? It takes one year. The Stop Being Sweet eBook explains the process for creating sustainable abstinence programs in a step by step manor. It also warns you about the pitfalls you will encounter along the way, what you should expect during the detox time, and more.

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