Stop Being Sweet

Sugary Junk Food ≠ Fun


Amusement parks. Ball games. Stadiums. Movies. Concerts. Lunch break from grueling classes at school. Any fun or family-based activity you do, junk food will be close by and available. It’s easy to manufacture, package, distribute, and it’s a huge money maker for those who sell you the stuff.

Concession Stand
The concession stand should not be the best part of going out.

Even though people might desire a cookie or can of soda while at a loved one’s wake, junk food companies will never line up to place concession stands or vending machines at your local funeral parlor for fear that you will forever associate their product with death, sadness, and tears.

Concession Stand at a Funeral
If the event is not fun, you will not find a concession stand nearby.

Activities such as rides, ballgames, and movies are fun in and of themselves. Snacks are additional. Ask any football fan if they would prefer attending the Super Bowl or eating like they were at the Super Bowl. Chances are they’d like both, but if they had to choose food or watching the game, they’d certainly go with the latter. A problem arises, however, when consumers must eat some junk in order to have fun. If you can’t have a good time without indulging and consuming sweetened food as part of the event, then you’re exhibiting addictive behavior.

So where did we get the idea that sugary snacks are synonymous with fun? From our childhood, when sugar and fun were one in the same.

Crazy Cow Cereal
Crazy Cow cereal turned the milk chocolate or strawberry flavored.
Toucan Sam
Follow your nose (to Froot Loops).
Trix Cereal
Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!
Boo Berry cereal
Frankenberry, Count Chocula, and Boo Berry cereal.
Tony the Tiger
Did you just hear Tony the Tiger say his famous line?

Eating a bowl (or three) of cereal before school meant reading cartoons, navigating back-of-the-box puzzles or mazes, and searching for a free prize inside before heading off to be boring and serious. Why couldn’t life be like a bowl of Junkie Junks all the time?

It doesn’t matter if you buy these cereal products or not. The association between sweet junk food and fun has been drilled into us our whole lives and it continues to happen. Advertising dictates that anyone who removes sugary junk food from their diet is depraved and constipated.

Don’t Believe the Hype!

You can have fun without sweets and you often do. Look at the positive, happy, and good things that happen and accept them for what they are. There’s no reason to pepper those moments with flecks (or boxes) of sugar—at least not all of the time.

If you don’t see any fun when you look at your life then it’s time to face the music and Stop Being Sweet. Sugar alone, like drinks or drugs, will never make you happy in the long run.

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