Stop Being Sweet

Does Your eBook Makes Sense for Me?

Stop Being Sweet


1) I want to create a personalized paradigm committed to individualized, non-histrionic/judgmental health. Do you think your ebook makes sense for me?

2) What is your advice on finding a support system? I have the support of my domestic partner so perhaps that will be enough? I’d love to hear your thoughts.



1. Yes. A “personalized paradigm committed to individualized, non-histrionic/judgmental health” (as you describe) was what I aimed for when writing the ebook. I liken the whole process to traveling across America. Want to go from one coast to the other? I did it and can give you directions but you’ll have to get there on your own. Although our paths will be different, we can both end up in the same or a similar place.

While I do joke about sugar being a mind-numbing poison that is pushed upon us by evil people, that’s not What It Means to Stop Being Sweet.

2. As for a support system, if your domestic partner is on board then you’re golden! Also, I recently added an online forum to this website so that we can all communicate with each other and hopefully find support where there might otherwise be none. There are also other websites, forums, books, and paid programs out there. All of these can be wonderful tools for a person who has accepted personal choice and responsibility. I hope they are helpful for you.

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