Stop Being Sweet

Eating Well is a Skill

Stop Being Sweet

I teach fitness classes five days a week. (I could never do that if I was eating sugar.)

One of the classes is located on the street level. There’s a huge window separating the classroom from the sidewalk where several people take smoking breaks each morning.

While we practice Qigong (breathing exercise) the smokers also do their breathing exercise. They couldn’t easily move and breath like me, and I would have a hard time moving and breathing like them—because it takes practice.

Same thing goes for eating.

Each and every time you make a choice about what to eat you are practicing physical health or hinderance. You are getting better at ingesting good or bad foods. You are developing a skill for healthy eating or for eating junk.

Some people are proud of their smoking habit. Some are ashamed. Some want to quit. Some have.

Some people are proud of their eating habits. Some are ashamed. Some want to quit sugar. Some have.

Which are you? Who are you? Who do you want to be? What skill are you developing every day?

Remember, it takes practice to Stop Being Sweet.

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