Stop Being Sweet

Build Yourself Up, Don’t Break Yourself Down

Stop Being Sweet

When things get tough I still want to reach for the sugary sweets. Whenever I’m stressed I still want to binge on candy and cookies. But I don’t.

Sugar inhibits our immune system. When we’re already down and out sugar is the last thing we want to put in our bodies.

When I am feeling low and wanting something to eat, I ask myself if the food builds me up or breaks me down. It’s pretty simple and you can ask yourself the same thing.

Will this food build me up or break me down?

It’s easy to think that because a bag of cookies, for instance, makes you happy while you eat them that the nutrients in the cookies will somehow make your body feel better. They won’t. After the joy of eating the cookies is gone you’re left with a belly full of sweets. The problem is that your joy from the eating of the cookies is over and that leaves you searching for more sweets to eat. More on top of more sugary treats and the next thing you know you’re feeling terrible.

A bag of carrots may not provide you with the same emotional feeling as a bag of cookies, but when you’re done you’l have a belly full of food that your body can use.

Food doesn’t just pass through your digestive system and then go away. The food that you eat goes into your bloodstream, into your organs, into your bones, and into your brain. Sugar effects all parts of your body.

Remember that eating is more than just chewing and swallowing. Eating is about making your body into a lean, mean living machine! Put the best fuel in there and you’ll be better equipped to overcome the most stressful situations. Build yourself up, don’t break yourself down. Ask yourself before you eat.

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Judith B.


Thank you, David.  I sure needed to see this-the title is perfect.  I have done so well, and yet I am really craving sweets and have been tempted.  Since I am also trying to lose some weight, I have been down on myself for eating more healthy foods to avoid the sweets.  I have to remind myself that healthier choices mean a healthier me.



This is a very good reminder. Thank you!



I’m feeling really sad and not happy about my body . This is what causing me to eat . I feel like I’m close to getting diabetes . Everyday I tell myself that I will reach my goal but i fail. Do you have any advice to help me change my lifestyle?



Hi Jo. Start small. Keep a journal or some kind of record to track when you eat junk food and why. If you don’t know why, note what happened before and after you ate the stuff. Sometimes you’ll see a pattern there. Break your goal into smaller ones. If your goal is “get in shape” that’s broad and difficult to achieve in one day. In one day you can take a walk, remove one sweet thing from your diet, or any such idea that you know is moving you toward your goal. Take heart in knowing that you’re already doing it. A trip across the country begins with one small step, and then another, and another.

Keep in touch,



Thank you so much for you’re reply. I’m going to do the best I could. I just hope to change and be happy . I’m also going to keep track what I eat . Thank you David .

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