Stop Being Sweet

Weekly Sugar Challenge: Week of April 18, 2011

Stop Being Sweet

This week, begin to change your associations with sugar.


1. Take Notice

Try to be aware of when you are being manipulated by advertising or other people. Sweets are often used.

2. Avoid Sweets

It’s a lot easier to notice when sweets are being used as a tool to manipulate you when you aren’t having them.

3. Learn

Read a book, blog, or article about the negative effects of sugar consumption. Watch a movie about the fast food industry. Talk to a nutritionist. Discover something new.

4. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Unless you’ve gone sugar-free, your comfort zone includes sugary snacks. Go to a different restaurant, a new food store, or simply shop in a different asile. Participate in a different activity. Do something different from the usual.

5. Watch

When you avoid sweets you get to sit back and watch those who do indulge. Study them and see what you see. It might surprise you.

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Happy Easter, David and Everyone! I’ve been sugar-free for 8 days now, and I definitely notice it EVERYWHERE. I successfully went to the grocery store today to buy a couple of chocolate things for my kids’ Easter baskets, and I wasn’t tempted to buy or eat anything for myself. I’m gearing up for a tough day tomorrow because we’re going to my grandmother’s house and there will be lots of my favorite Easter candy and desserts. So far the idea of “I’m taking a year off” is really working. And I like knowing that I can have whatever I want at the end of that time. So…so far, so good. I still feel a little foggy and down, but I hope that that will improve as time goes on. The longest I’ve ever gone w/out sugar is 14 days.



Seven more days and you’re in the new record zone. The idea of returning to sugar after a year helps make it easier than thinking you’ll never ever have it again. It’s kind of like unbrainwashing ourselves slowly, one year at a time. Once you get past 14 days, it also gets easier because who wantd to have to start working on a new record from scratch?

Good luck tomorrow!



Thank you, David! And thank you again for being so active on your site. Your blog entries are extremely helpful and timely. I just read the entry about conditioning - I am conditioned to want sweets during certain times and rituals. When I first read about your technique of quitting for a year and then having 4 days ON, I thought you were crazy! But more and more I’m understanding why it works. I can look at my favorites now and tell them lovingly that I will enjoy them next April! It really helps with the “all or nothing” mentality I’ve had. I can’t wait to be on the other side of this - although I know that the cravings never totally go away. But to hear you say that you honestly don’t “love” sugar anymore makes me happy - it is possible! And one more time - I have to say a big hooray for finding you and this site - never before have I found people just like me - it was always about overeating in general or about alcoholics or smoking - I have a sugar problem! Happy Easter and thanks again.

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