Stop Being Sweet

Stop-It: Another Pill to End Sugar Cravings

Stop Being Sweet

A while back Stop Being Sweet reviewed and tested the product Sugarest (see Sugarest Test), which claimed to kill your taste for sweets. It worked!

Stop-It As of May 31, 2011, Sarasota heart surgeon Robert Carlson, MD, FACS, has launched a new product called Stop-it to help stop sugar cravings and break sugar addictions. (Source: PRNewswire)

This pill doesn’t stop your sugar cravings. What it does is numb your ability to taste sweet. Those are two different things. That’s not to say that this product won’t be of interest to some people. However, it does mean that you have to carry a bottle around all day so that you can pop a pill before you want to eat some sugary snack.

I checked out the Stop-It website and on the Frequently Asked Questions page they have the following copy:

Q) Will Stop-It™ block my cravings for all sweets?
A) Yes it will block all the sweet receptors on your tongue. It will also block the taste of artificial sweeteners.

Wait, they didn’t answer the question! That was how politician’s answer questions.

“When you feel sugar cravings hit, simply take one or two Stop-It™ lozenges and you will find that giant bowl of ice cream or huge slice of chocolate cake tastes, at best, like a clump of mud.”

That’s true. However, as far as I am aware, there is no magic pill specifically to remove a person’s sugar cravings. You’ll still crave sweets just as you always have. The only difference is that if you take this pill, or one like it, you will not taste the sweetness in the food you eat. If you watch the Sugarest Test video, you’ll see that Megh tried some of her favorite treats and could not finish them because the sweetness was missing and all she could sense was the consistency of the food.

When it comes to putting an end to your sugar cravings, you must want to do it. Committing to change the first step. Only then might a pill Sugarest or Stop-It be of help. Remember, the temptation never ends!

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Judith B.


I agree with you.  When cravings hit, I am never motivated to eradicate the taste of sugar.  If they come up with something to take away the cravings, that would be something.  And yes, temptation is everywhere.  Most people don’t even realize that there is sugar in most things, so when I decline something and say I am not eating sugar, they look at me like I’m crazy.  I think it would be better to say, “No thanks, I’m full”.  They can’t argue with that!



Seems to me if you have the mental energy to reach for the pills, you could just not eat the offending food.

Dr Carlson


David, thank you for mentioning my product Stop-It on your website. You are one of the fortunate , who has the strength and fortitude to defeat your sugar cravings. Congratulations on your accomplishment! Unfortunately there are so many others that may not be as strong as you, like some of my patients with diabetes who know they shouldn’t eat the cake, but without the willpower to stop, they may become very ill. My hope is that the bad taste of the sweet food after Stop-It, will provide a negative reinforced conditioned response. So next time you look at the sweets, you will remember how bad it tasted the last time. And not eat it.



Hi Dr. Carlson,

On this page of the Stop-It website, the advertising copy states, “Put a Stop-It™ lozenge in your mouth and you’ll see what happens. You won’t care anymore what the cause of sugar cravings might be because yours will be gone.”

A person won’t be able to enjoy the sugar they crave because the pill will have numbed their sweet receptors and most everything they put in their mouth will taste gross until the effect of the lozenge wears off, at which time they’ll have to make a choice about their sweet cravings once again. 

Pills like yours can be a positive and useful tool but only when people stop thinking there is a rare and magic fortitude that exists beyond themselves.

Dr Carlson


David- I know we both agree of the health issues associated with sugar consumption. Sugar (and more specifically fructose) is required to trigger the symptoms of insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. These conditions are strongly associated with Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity and persistently elevated sugar levels have been suggested to ignite and promote malignancy. So the fight to conquer our sugar cravings and the addiction caused by sugar is not only a way to reduce weight and feel better, but a way to avoid heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. So David, Please keep up the hard work in the battle against sugar cravings. Dr. C



Dr. Carlson, are you a sugar addict? Do you have trouble regulating sugar in your diet?

Dr Carlson


I do struggle periodically, especially with stressful days. I am not a chocolate or candy craver, but do like milk shakes. I have really controlled those urges nicely by maintaining a low carbohydrate diet (really a lifestyle), which reduces the rollercoaster effects of insulin. I am also an avid runner and that helps me optimize my physiology and avoid the black hole of the metabolic syndrome. Controlling my milkshake cravings has been made successful with Stop-It. Leaving my office late in the evening after a tough day , i throw a couple Stop-it’s into my mouth and sometimes I will stop for a shake, just to reinforce how bad they taste with no sweetness. Ice cream is essentially 8 pounds of sugar, salt and some rotten milk. Tasting that salty ,rotten milk makes me have second thoughts when i start to crave those milkshakes. With that type of control , I have melted away about 15 pounds over the last 45 days. Thanks for asking David, and again keep up the great work. I also saw you had some commentary on another of my favorite subjects vitamin D. I love the stuff!!!!



I appreciate your work and your product. My point is that you still crave sugar/have the urge for a milkshake when stressed. There’s no pill to makes that go away—not yet anyway. Let us know if you come up with something!



In support of free market principles, you can get a bottle of gymnema sylvestre 100 caps for as little as $2.29 , gymnema being the main ingredient in Stopit; sprinkle on your tongue for the same effect. Nora Gedgaudis has this trick in her book Primal Body-Prinal Mind.

Dr Carlson


David- Actually, as I stated, with the use of Stop-It I have controlled my cravings to the point that I was able to lose 15 pounds in 45 days. I now control my cravings, not my cravings controlling me.

Dr Carlson


Digby- I have tried eating straight Gymnema and it was terrible. The grainy consistency and the awful taste created more of an aversion for the gymnema than the sweets it was intended to reduce the cravings for. I carefully formulated this product to not only provide a nice sweet taste with erythritol, a sugar alcohol that is immediately absorbed in the stomach and excreted in the kidneys, as well as peppermint to provide a satisfying minty flavor, both blocking the foul taste of Gymnema. But in addition I formulated and researched the product , creating a delivery system with a oral disintegrating lozenge that provides excellent coverage of the sweet receptors.



Stop-It blocks the sugar receptors on your tongue for a period of time, which can be useful for someone to realize that their favorite snack is nothing but sweetener mixed into a fizzy water, flour, or waxy gel concoction. In that way Stop-It can be a useful tool in the battle against overeating and sugar bingeing. However, Stop-It does not make sugar cravings magically disappear.

Your weight loss over the last 45 days is not the result of taking Stop-It alone. According to your blog you are running and exercising, eating a special low-carbohydrate “Sarasota Diet,” (”essentially a form of starvation” —your words) and are taking injections of HCG, which is a controversial hormone treatment used for rapid weight loss.

On April 5, 2011 you wrote in your blog, “I really needed something sweet.” That, to me, sounds like a sugar craving. As for trying to convince me that your product does more than I described, please stop it.

Dr Carlson


I never implied that weight loss occurred just by me taking Stop-it. If that was inferred I certainly apologize. Weight loss is a very complex process, and anything we can do to optimize our weight loss process including optimal hormonal balance, sleep, controlling sugar cravings, vitamin D levels, exercise, water consumption and a reasonable dietary approach that we can make a successful lifestyle are all paramount. My response to"essentially a form of starvation” was in reference to the 500 kcal diet often used in the classic HCG diet. I prefer the low carbohydrate approach, keeping your intake below 20 grams of carbohydrates, for 28 days but absolutely no caloric limitations, in fact i may have consumed in excess of 2000 kcal…that’s not starving, and studies at Harvard,Duke, Stanford, and Cinncinnati have all proven that the low carb approach is healthy and much better than a low fat approach..  I understand the philosophy of HCG may be considered controversial, however having a tremendous understanding of physiology,hormonal balances and the effects of neurotransmitters, I realize that this approach makes physiologic sense.  Please listen to my radio interview at your convenience:  Day 17 Sarasota Diet
  I believe you understand the importance of avoiding excess sugar intake, and that is why you strive so fervently to avoid sweets. What I have seen repeatedly is that once someone replaces the positive feedback of a sweet taste with something negative, that the next time they encounter it, they will not have the same urge or craving. That is what I experience and that is what hundreds of my patients have experienced. David - I wish you the best in your journey and I know that your cause is a good one, because it will give hope to so many people struggling with their cravings and allow them to avoid the health dangers of excess sugars.  Dr. C



Stopit/gymnema can work to the extent aversion therapy has some known, limited success. There was a fad in the early 80s of clinics that would have a people bring in a favored sweet treat, like cookies, and as they bit into the food an electric shock would be administered. Shows how desperate people can be.



Hi David and Dr. C…

Not everyone has sheer will power to keep from putting sugar in their mouth. If that was so, we wouldn’t be a nation with obesity and diabetic epidemics. 

If there’s a product that can get them off the sugar rush cycle one day at at time (because sugar really is an addiction) that’s a good thing.

Imagine how this could help diabetics!  My aunt and cousin are diabetics. She takes insulin daily yet every afternoon, has to have something sweet.  Does it make sense?  Absolutely not nor can she resist. 

I am going to get this for her. Thanks David for posting this on your site.



Digby - That’s fascinating. The idea makes sense but the practice seems a bit extreme and flawed. Maybe we can make a product that gets implanted in a person so that when they eat sugar they get a shock.

Rhianna - Good luck! Let us know how it goes.



Where Can you buy Stop It?



Follow Dr Carlson’s link.




Lois above works for Local Web Marketing Miami, which represents Stop-It/Dr. Robert Carlson of Sarasota, FL.

To reiterate, Stop-It doesn’t stop sugar cravings but it can be a useful tool in the battle against overeating and sugar bingeing because it temporarily numbs your sweet taste receptors.

If you eat something sweet during the numb time, all you’ll notice is the texture of the food and the unsweet ingredients. This can help you to realize just how unhealthy the junk food you’re eating actually is because you’ll only be able to taste the chemical flavors.

Watch the Sugarest Test video to see this type of pill in action.

Dr. Carlson


David to reiterate…stop-it DOES actually successfuly stop sugar cravings by creating an aversion to the sweet food. You do not need to take it every time you desire sweets as your mind has created a negative feedback to the anticipated sweet taste. In addition, the herb gymnema, whose taste is rather bad, is masked by all natural ingredients in stop-it, to provide a sweet taste initially and to block further stimulation of your sweet receptors on the tongue. In addition , the herb gymnema will block receptors in the intestinal tract that allow absorption of sugar. Gymnema has been used routinely in reducing insulin requirements in insulin dependent diabetics because it reduce sugar absorption. And of course, more sugar absorption, means more spiking insulin levels in non-diabetics or even type 2 diabetics, and spiking insulin levels really only do two things. They block your body from releasing stored fat, and insulin forces your body to store more fat. And for someone trying to lose weight that is a double whammy. So why not try Stop-it and get control of those cravings and lose than undesirable fat.



Hi David,

I am a business consultant but that hardly matters in this discussion.  I came by to post the link your reader requested because you told her to “follow Dr. Carlson’s link.”

You’ve been critical of products that help people with sugar addiction because you believe will power is all you need. 

The simple fact is - if people had your willpower, we wouldn’t have epidemics of diabetes and obesity. 

We have programs for alcoholics and drug abusers but not for sugar addiction which is very real physically and psychologically. 

I’ve had the great pleasure of speaking with many customers who battled sugar addiction with Stop-It and lost many pounds in the process.

I thank you for allowing this discussion on your blog and hope that people with less will power try Stop-It and know success. 





Yes, Dr. Carlson, and Band Aids help stop people from being accident prone by creating an aversion to getting hurt.



Lois, you are a business consultant who works for Dr. Carlson. There are millions of pages on the web. How did you know to come to this blog post within minutes of Chloe asking about Dr. Carlson’s product?

I do not possess a magical willpower. Everyone has the ability to choose their fate and their food. Eating well is a skill.

Whomever reads this, go ahead and try Stop-It. It’s not going to hurt you and it might even help you. But IT DOES NOT END SUGAR CRAVINGS.

If it did, you’d only need one pill and they’d be flying off the shelves.



David, you have a subscription option that enables posters to be notified of new comments to your blog. I added myself so I was notified when comments were made.

I will remove that now since this thread, which could have been valuable to many, seems to have dissolved.

I do not work for anyone nor is it relevant to this discussion. I own a business and through that, have clients and consult.

I’ve used Stop-it as have members of my family. I’ve spoken to other delighted Stop-It users who lost weight. My comments here are strictly personal and not based on any business relationship.

I wish you the best.



Lois got subscribed when she commented, AFTER the question was posed. She has a testimonial from Dr. Carlson on her website. But as she says, it doesn’t matter. This thread has dissolved… like a pill. So let’s all just stop it.

Mary Rocca


Where can I purchase ‘stop it”? Is it available in Melbourne Australia?



Mary- yes we will ship to Australia and in fact I seem to ship almost weekly to Australia. Lots of interest in Stop-it “down under”. Dr.C

Mary Rocca


Thanks for your reply. I would like to purchase a bottle but I don’t have a paypal account and my husband doesn’t feel comfortable using our credit card on the internet. Is it possible to ring and order it over the phone?

I f so, could you please send me the exact number to ring including the prefix etc to call from Australia?

I tried earlier with the number shown on the website but it didn’t go through.

Thank you.

Mary Rocca

Mary Rocca


Is it possible to pay over the phone? Could you please send me the exact number to call from Australia?





Hi Mary,

Please visit Dr. Carlson’s site here and click on the contact tab. Email through there or you can call his office and place the order over the phone.


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