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Sugar-Free Oreos

Sugar-Free Oreos

Sugar Free Oreo Cookies

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve eaten anything chocolaty so, when I heard an advertisement for Sugar Free Oreo cookies playing over the loudspeaker at the supermarket, I decided to test them ONLY AS AN EXPERIMENT FOR THIS SITE. Rest assured knowing that I took no pleasure in eating those cookies and I did it just for you.
Sad thing is, it’s true. I didn’t enjoy them.

I ate one and it tasted just like I remember an Oreo to tasteā€”as if I’d eaten them yesterday. I had another and it was noticeably not as good as the first. Then a I had third and it tasted like nothing. Eventually I finished the sleeve and began to feel sick! In fact I put the box down and went and got an apple because my body craved something natural.

CookiesThe following day I finished the remaining cookies and was left with a weird chemical feeling. It was like impostor Oreo residue was pulsing through my veins. Gross. Still, three days later I somehow figured my research couldn’t be complete after only one box. So I got another.

That time, with the aid of my girlfriend Gwenn, we tested my experience to see if it was consistent. Gwenn ate one cookie and said it tasted just like a regular sugar-sweetened Oreo. I gave her another, which she didn’t want, and she said it, “tasted like nothing.” I forced a third on her and she said she was starting to feel sick!

And just to be sure, I secretly caved and got a third box about a week ago and ate them…all of them…pretty quickly. That’s an experience I’ll never repeat again. It’s sweetened with Maltitol.

Read the fine print: (“Excess consumption may have a laxative effect”).

Final opinion: Natural foods for me please.

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I avoid sugar but before I would ever put anything in my mouth loaded with genetically modified ingredients and chemicals mocking the sugar taste, I would rather eat one sugar-loaded organic Oreo knock-off made by Paul Newman’s food company.  At least they are concious of using foods grown without pesticides, herbicides or genetically modified.  Sugar might make you feel ill for the moment but who knows what science experiment is going on inside your body with foods made by scientists playing God!



This was my comic relief for the day! Thank you.
I’m just starting out not being sweet. Your blog is great. Thanks for writing and sharing!



Hi Kathy, glad you’re going sugar free!

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