Stop Being Sweet

8 Sugar Free Snack Ideas

Stop Being Sweet

Maybe you’re trying to get sugar out of your diet. Maybe you just want to eat better foods. Whatever your inspiration for eating well, here are several ideas to get you started.

(See an updated list containing 10 sugar free snacks.)

1. Apples and Natural Peanut Butter
This is one of my favorite snacks. I like Pink Lady or Granny Smith apples especially. There are many varieties of apple and they’re all worth trying. Slice them up and dip them into natural, unsweetened peanut butter (the kind you have to mix). My favorite brand is Adams but Smuckers and others are good as well. 

2. Fruit
A banana does wonders. A peach. Two peaches. A peach and a banana. Yes, fruit is sugar but unless you are avoiding sweets because your doctor forbade you to do so then fruit is a great alternative to candy and cakes. Try making a fruit salad!

3. Egg Salad
Get a dozen eggs and boil them at the beginning of the week. You can eat them as a filling snack or mix in some (unsweetened) mayonnaise and make an egg salad sandwich. 

4. Bread!
I still eat bread. However, I only eat artisan breads and stuff baked without corn syrup. You’d be amazed that even the most natural branded breads contain corn syrup. Read the label.

5. Pasta
Yeah, it’s a complex carbohydrate. I don’t eat it every single day like I did eight years ago, but I still love me some pasta. When it’s hot out, try some macaroni salad.

6. Nuts
Peanuts, cashews, walnuts, almonds. Mix in some raisins and create your own trail mix.

7. Burritos
Buy some flat tortillas. Fry up some vegetables with some rice. Then melt some cheese in your tortilla and add the rice and vegetable mix. Filling and delicious!

8. Stir Fry
Cook up some rice. Add your favorite vegetables and perhaps some chicken or tofu. Beware of stir fry sauce as it’s often full of corn syrup. 

Eating sugar-free is just a matter of being creative. Remember, when quitting sugar you still need to eat! Find other things that satisfy.

What sugar free snacks do you already make and eat on a regular basis?

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I like Trader Joe’s Greek Style 0% Nonfat Plain yoghurt or Fage Greek style plain 0%.
I take frozen blueberries and cook them with a little vanilla extract until it is concentrated like a compote.  I have also added a very small amount of butter or coconut fat to it, but it is not necessary.
I spoon it over the yoghurt for a healthy snack or meal.
If you like apples, you can cook them down in the same manner and add a little cinnamon to it-almost any fruit, but blueberries are great!



When I am craving sugar, I like to eat:

1.) Whipped cream, sweetened with agave nectar and strawberries (maybe not so good for your cholesterol).

2.) A fruit cobbler (I am not picky about the fruit).  I make the topping with concentrated fruit sweet instead of sugar, and oh so tasty.

3.) Barbara’s raspberry bars (sold in the USA).  They are fruit sweetened and made from multi-grain, which means no post white flour low.

4.) Swedish pancakes (they’re sort of like crepes without the sugar) and then I mash up and heat a banana and roll it up.

5.) 100% grape juice popsicles.  I make them in my freezer.  It makes me feel like I am not missing out on a treat during the hot days of summer.

Since I am relatively new to the “refined sugar-free” lifestyle (3 mo. and 12 days) I still need to look forward to “sweet treats”.  I have not been able to recondition my brain to believe that a stir-fry is a treat, yet.  Whenever I crave something sweet, I try to eat something not sweet (some protein, veggies) before I eat the “sweet treat”.  This helps me eat less of the treat.



I eat this for breakfast. It is ridiculous good and sweet.
3 dates, pitted
1/4 cup of almonds
1/2 cup strawberries, blueberries or peaches
Put the dates and almonds in a food processor ( i have a little mini one). Pulse on and off until the mixture is crumbly and resembles granola. Mix into the berries. Delishious.

Leo Balboni


Are you a fool or something? These are not sugar free, peanut butter, apples and fruit, bread, Pasta, burritos with rice in them all have a carbohydrate count in them. Learn about nutrition for you post something stupid like this again.



Leo, you’re rude. The purpose of this post is to suggest foods that do not contain added sugars, are more natural than a candy bar, and will satisfy your sweet cravings when you begin to wean yourself off hard sweets.

If you’re looking for snack ideas that don’t contain any form of sugar whatsoever, or don’t turn into sugar in your body, then drink water and consult a nutritionist.



I LOVE sweets.  Chocolates, Candies, Biscuits ...  Whatever contains sugar, I love.  I was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2007, and ever since I’m trying to find a snack or two that taste good that you can buy in the shop, that doesn’t take artificial.  The Canderal chocolates and weigh-less treats all taste artificial.  Having fruit salads and chicken rolls at work is out of the question, I’m tired of them and we don’t have a fridge or cooler.

What is my other options?  I don’t want to stand infront of the stove every day to make snacks and I’m getting tired of the fruit and uncooked veggie idea.

I had a look at the stock that our local corner shop carries and ALL their products, except the items high in salt, contains sugar in one shape or another.  This is sad.  I have no choices to work with.  I am diabetic and was warned that if I keep on going at this rate I will not see my old age.  I really need some assistance as to what I can do for snacks/treats.  I’m tired of looking at all the other people eating themselves sick on chocolates and candies and ice cream and here I am not able to eat that too.



Hi Hyda.

There are naturally sweetened snacks available to purchase, but you have to find them and if you’re diabetic you probably shouldn’t be eating them since they still contain sugars.

Your other option is to change your identity from a sugar loving sweetie to a healthy, sugar-free person. Doing so takes time and adjustment, as you know.

The bottom line is that you’re never going to be able to eat like you used to. There’s nothing out there that’s quite the same as sugary junk food. However, after being off sweets for a long time the slightest sweetness in food will satisfy you.

What I hear most from your comment, though, is that you LOVE something that is killing you.



Before my diabetic days I used to eat sugary foods everyday.  Ever since, I’ve cut out the worse sugary goods on my daily “menu” and kept to 1 sugary food item for every week or every second week.  By training my mind with “Do you really need that?” I’ve cut my sugar intake by atleast 80%.  My problem now is that the doctor wants me to cut the balance out too.  I’m already replacing my sugar in my coffee (I only drink one cup a day or every 2nd day) with artificial sweetner.  I’ve gotten used to the taste of it.  But the artifical chocolate bars and sweets still taste bland. 

I don’t have time in the mornings to prepare lunch for me for work and to do so the night before makes the food soggy (bleh) - even worse than bland artificial chocolates/sweets.  I’d rather make me healthy fruit bars on a weekend to snack on at work. But even that reaches it’s limits.

Yes, I know - sugar is killing me.  That’s why I need a replacement for it that I won’t miss it. 

I’ve already made a huge step to cutting out the sugar and not until I’ve found a replacement for the balance I won’t be able to cut out the rest.  I’m a snacker, if the hand/mouth is not busy I get frustrated and then there is trouble. 

I can go on all night and day about my issues and why I eat, but that is for another day and site. 

I’ve lost a lot of weight since I’ve been diagnosed.  Even the doctor complimented me on the weight loss and was even surprised I did it all on my own.  I know what my eating habit is and I know telling other people about it will only embarras me and will end up me telling lies.  Therefore i did it all on my own.  Now I’m stuck and REALLY do need HELP!  What I’m currently doing is not good enough anymore, I need to move on and I don’t know how or where to look to replace or change.



Your doctor can recommend but you ultimately decide what’s right for you. You’ve chosen to eat better and you’ve acted on it. For now, can you move your one sugary item to every 4 weeks? That way you’ll still get to have it and you will be continuing down a positive path. Then after 8 months, move it to every six weeks, etc. It’s hard enough to go from something sweet everyday to only every two weeks, let alone to never ever again!

Near where I live there are two diabetic bakeries. I’ve been to one and I sampled a few of their offerings. It was good—enough to satisfy me. Perhaps there’s a place like that near you? If not, it might be possible to find one that will ship stuff to you. But that’s not ideal or sustainable.

You must also continute to change your thinking. When you no longer identify as someone who loves sweets and instead consider yourself someone who loved sweets, you’ll stop feeling as if you’re depriving yourself of something precious all day everyday. When you see people chowing down on junk food, remember that it’s like watching smokers smoke—they’re killing themselves slowly.

Keep going slowly. You’re in the right place and deserve a ton of credit for having done all this alone. Next it’s time to look at the “issues” you mention. Do that a little at a time and only in a way that you’re comfortable with.



Hyda, I’ve been thinking about you. How are you doing? Is it just replacement food ideas that you seek? What’s the most frustrating thing you’re experiencing now? How can I help you?



Hi David,
Most frustrating?  Still not finding any place close by that caters to diabetics!  I hate cooking and baking, if not for that I would’ve started a business that caters to diabetics.

What’s also frustrating is, everybody giving advice at home is saying fruit and chicken salad ... bleh ... so sick of it.  I like nuts, and seed bars and things like that too, but still, what about cakes, and “chocolate” bars and candy and ... and ...

I am cutting out my sugary stuff more and more.  But it is hard.  Everybody else in my house don’t have a problem with sugar and do not worry about sugar.  Example, Sunday pudding was made ... loads of sugar ... and it was only realized afterwards that I’m not allowed to have sugary goods ... what am I to do? Have fruit? Bleh, again.

I can most probably start a business supplying diabetics with healthy (non sugary) “junk” foods.



Have you tried Larabars?



Duh to me, I guess you can’t eat those.

Krista Allain


I was a smoker for years and never had a problem with weight.  Then, I quit smoking and gained 30 and then 40 pounds over several years.  I replaced my smoking addiction for sugar.  I thought smoking was hard to quit!  It’s nothing compared to sugar.  What is helping me cope is knowing that one day I will have sugar again but for now, I have to get my cravings under control and that means cutting out my trigger foods which are diet pop, chocolate and baked goods.  I literally ate yogurt the other day while everyone at work had birthday cake for a co-worker.  Did I mention it was chocolate?  I don’t believe I’ve gone a day without some kind of cookie, square, or chocolate bar for about 8 years!  It’s already been a couple of weeks and I feel like I’m on top of the world.  What makes me get through each day is switching up my snacks.  One day, I had pop corn, the next night I had peanut butter with toast (no jam).  I am going to eventually create healthy snacks that are satisfying.  For now, the only thing I can tell you is that if you really get a bad craving, try a teaspoon of peanut butter (it helped me the other night).  I’ll come back and give you my oat bar recipe as soon as I’ve perfected it.  I’m using unsweetened apple sauce and oatmeal as the main ingredients.

Krista Allain


One more thing…I lost 4 lbs in the first four days and 8 pounds now in two weeks.  Water and fruit really do help to curb your cravings and so does eating often.  Protein in the morning (like eggs and piece of toast), a snack mid morning like an apple, orange or a few nuts, lunch and a snack in the afternoon like a banana or something.  By supper, you don’t feel like chowing down a lot.  Then, even some oatmeal in the evening.  I eat more then I used to but healthier and it’s working.



Just visited the doc last week.  Do you know what he said?  “With your diabetes you are not allowed to eat fruit.”  Now I ask you, what may I eat?!?  I’m at a stage that I don’t give a damn anymore.  Had a chocolate yesterday and didn’t even worry what it would do to my sugar levels.



I’m a new sugar buster, and I love all the stories. And I have made up my mind that this is not a punishment, but a new way of thinking.  I’ve only been avoiding things that have added sugar and in two weeks I’ve already lost 5 pounds. So this new way of thinking is working. I like the results, so there is my motivation!



being a sugar buster for the past year i truly love running across these ideas…just an fyi, I was running across a sugar free chutney recipe that even my daughter could make and ran across this AMAZING recipe: /2012/01/01/honey-sweet-cranberry-sa uce/



Hyda,  talk with a nutritionist and really question your doctor. There has to be something you can eat. Don’t give up! Junk food is not worth jeopardizing your health over.



Hyda, I also love junk food. I use to eat $5.00 worth of junk every day. I gained 30 plus pounds. Yes, its hard to cut back on sweets. I have faith that you will over your cravings. I will be praying for you.



I’m on this 60 sugar free challenge, with a couple of my girlfriends.
It’s definitely a change of lifestyle.
I LOVE my junkfood, and it’s been tough not giving into the cravings.

I’m looking for some easy snacks.
Things that are quick to grab and munch on….easy to make or put together.
- Celery Sticks with “natural” peanut butter.
- Eggs…hardboiled especially make for a quick snack.
- Nuts…(I tend to go with sunflower seeds)
- fruit.  I realize that they have sugars in them, but at least their natural ones, and kills the craving of having some sugar in you.  I can justify it because they’re not added sugars.
But any other quick snack ideas like that, I would LOVE to hear them.  Thanks !!



I got off sugar for just over a year now with the exception of dark chocolate. I have posted some awesome easy recipes and have more I am perfecting (like peanut butter cup fudge) on Hope that helps.

Mollie Kane


I am almost at the end of the first cycle of the “17 day diet”  I found Polaner sugar free preserves with fiber at ny local food store. I have both strawberry and raspberry. I put 1 tablespoon on low fat cottage cheese and spread it around. Also, Smart Balance makes a delicious fat free mayo which I put in cooked egg whites and tuna.  I’ve lost 9 pounds in 15 days. As with any successful diet, you drink alot of water, and 2 probiotics a day plus other approved foods.



I’m getting hungry!



I have a few suggestions for Sugar Free snacks.

Sugar-Free jello or Sugar free pudding. I used to make the sf pudding and mix 1/2 milk & 1/2 water.

Hyda, have you tried using a sugar substitute like Splenda, when baking or adding it to your coffee. There are also sugar free liquid sweetners, such as Torani, or Davinci I add it to my oatmeal, coffee or mix it with hot water for a hot drink at work.

They can be found at Smart & Final, or large grocery stores.

People who don’t have a sweet tooth have no idea it is to kick the habit.

Good Luck.



Just a thought, Hyda, I too hate making my lunch the night before and having it go soggy. I do often put together the fixings and then make it up at lunch time. The other day we had roast lamb, feta and tomato wraps for dinner and there were left overs. Tomato is a guarantee to make everything soggy. I put a wrap in a plastic bag; put the fixings in a container. At lunch I made up my wrap - nice and fresh.
If not having fridge at work is an issue, invest in a soft cooler and a couple of small ice bricks.
Do a Google search for “Stevia sweetened chocolate”. I don’t care much for stevia (it’s a natural sweet leaf) in my tea, but I recently found a chocolate bar and it’s not bad at all. I’m wary of all artificial sweeteners.



@Leo- Honestly, you are right! None of those things are great for “sugar-free” snacks.
So lets just cut to the chase! This is what I eat when I need a snack! Its not entirely sugar free but its definitely little to no sugar content.
-Jello (sugar-free)
-Frigo string cheese (walmart)
-Mentos (mint)
- Chew sugar free gum (gets your mind off of food)
-4g carb smart ice cream; I think its breyers but not sure. Check out the freezer section at Walmart.
-sugar free pudding
-light and fit diabetic friendly vanilla yogurt



I am a diabetic and I have found snack like Almond Butter (Barney Butter) found at the Fresh Mkt. is really good. It has 7g of Carbs - 3g Fiber =4carbs. and 3 sugars added with 1 small apple is a great snack or use celery.

Also, Murray put out Sugar Free Chocolate Covered wafer sticks.  You can have 4 at a time.  I put these in the microwave for 6 seconds and add a few sprinkles of ground almonds and then throw them in th freezer this morning.  They are so good. 

Also, a small cup of sugar Free jello with a scoop of Cool whip is good.

Sugar Free Trident Cinnamon Gum.  I chew it all the time.  It will take your mind off of having something in your mouth.

Worthers puts out a sugar free hard Candy that I really can’t tell the difference in.



I just read your posts and completely understand what you’re going through. I am for the second time in my life eliminating all sugar and white flour products from my diet. But I am not diabetic, so I can still appease cravings with alternatives that you can’t have due to your diabetes.  Have you tried the natural sweetener Stevia?  It can be found at all natural food stores, and even mainstream grocery stores carry it near their sugar products.  I comes in both powder and liquid forms and is not a fake sweetener that could also be harmful.  It is completely natural from the Stevia plant and also low in glycemic value and completely safe for diabetics.  This may be an alternative that you can use in your foods…add it to plain yogurt or what have you.  It might satisfy your cravings in a completely safe manner.  Good luck and hang in there!!



@ Hyda,
Having diabetes must REALLY suck. But here comes some tough love. Change your diet or die. Whining will get you no where, you need to detox from sugar. It will take a few weeks, but you CAN do this! They say cutting sugar is like cutting heroin. This may be the hardest challenge of your life. Replacing sugar with artificial sweetener will just make you think about how much better real sugar is and will kick start your cravings. Go 100% sugar/sweetener free for a while and maybe your doctor will let you go back on fruit. It sounds like you’re cheating on your eating, so the doctor is trying it get drastic with you. You CAN learn to love non sweet foods. Yogurt, popcorn, cheese, all kinds of veggies, unsweetened breads with nut butters are all good for you and delicious! Get friendly with spices and you can learn to love savoury, spicy, and tangy instead of sweet. You need to reprogram your taste buds. I promise you, I turned my nose up at veggie smoothies, but after two weeks of eating spinach for breakfast in a smoothie, I crave it! You crave what you eat. Detox, move forward, get healthy, live a full life!



Hi All!
I must say that you all have helped with your words.
Some words might have been harsh, for me anyways, but it helped.

I am glad to report that since I’ve been diagnosed with Diabetes in 2007 I have lost 70kgs.  Yay for me!  Even my doctor is happy with my diabetes.  I’m on a different (lighter) tablet, which has to keep it stable.  I do eat sugary stuff, but I keep a good balance. 

I’ve learned about hypoglycemic and all necessary steps to live as normal as possible life. 
What I find as a major fact, for myself that is, is that sugar is not the reason for diabetes, but can effect your diabetes dramatically.

I still stay away from sodas.  I’ve found that sodas have a high sugar level, but seeing as you are constantly drinking it, it rises your sugar levels fast.  I haven’t been drinking sodas for the last 3 years.

So ones again, THANK YOU!



Oops, I keep forgetting I’m the only South African here. 
70kg = 154 pounds

I have to keep doing conversions -
My maths are getting better Hahaha



I was diagnosed as a diabetic in 2009 type 1 wich means my body does not make insulin at all. changing my eating habits have been sooo hard especially in a society where fast food and packaged food is so readily available and the healthy food is so expensive. recently due to a stnt of uncontroled sugar I had a hemerage in my left eye the sack that sits behind your retina burst wich leaves me hopefuly only temporarily blind in that eye scarey as all heck . trying to do my best lost 10 pounds this past week i love fruit but my blood sugar does not wich leaves me with very little choices for sweet cravings yes my health is more important but this is still a hrad thing to change

Terry M


have you considered bariatric surgery?  What it does for you is not only makes you lose weight because your stomach is not able to tolerate food for a few weeks, and you are on sugar free ice teas and protein shakes, but, it also helps in that you will find sugar disgusting! Unless your THOUGHT of yourself as a sugar lover, overrides your actions. THOUGHTS ARE POWERFUL, use yours wisely. Also I’d recommend a book called LOVE HUNGER and there’s a workbook for it too. I think this will help you as I believe a lot of your eating is emotionally driven. Good luck!

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