Stop Being Sweet

5 Tips to Help You Avoid Sugar

Stop Being Sweet

1. Avoid Stress

Stress leads to eating. Eatings leads to sweets. Eating junk food as an escape makes everything worse. Your problems don’t go away, you feel physically ill, and then you beat yourself up on top of all that. It’s not worth it. Just avoid the stress (as in walk away, don’t get involved, don’t be everyone’s shrink, etc.)

2. Celebrate Without Sweets

When we manage to avoid stress we often end up on the other side of the spectrum—at a party or special dinner and looking to “do something” to celebrate. (Notice how being happy isn’t enough. Why do we have to do something like drink or eat to celebrate?) Next thing you know there’s a dessert tempting you. If you want to get off sugar, you’ve got to stop associating sweets with celebratory happiness.

3. Eat Something Else

If you’ve gone off sweets, chances are that you’re hungry. If you’re hungry, eat something. Starving yourself is one of the fastest ways to eating sugar. Hunger changes your rational thinking into gut thinking. When you’re hungry and your gut takes over, those cookies you have hidden away aren’t going to last very long.

4. Keep Healthy Foods Around

Snack-like healthy foods are everywhere, waiting to be eaten. If you’re hungry or just jonesing for some candy, eat some grapes instead. It’s not the same at first but you’ll come to prefer the fresh foods once you get the processed junk out of your system.

5. Stop Being Sweet

The next time someone wants to get together at a time when you already planned to be doing something for yourself, keep your original plans.

When you want to go to the movies and the others want to go to a concert, go to the movies and let them go to the concert.

If you want to relax on a Friday night and the family wants to go out, stay in and relax while they go out.

Doing what you want to do when you want to do it is the best way to stop being sweet—with food, friends and family. It’s a practice that takes practice and eventually develops into a habit.

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Great tips.  Your inspiration always helps me stay on track.



Thanks. Glad they’re helpful.



#5 is really interesting!! I’d love to hear why it was included with the other 4. I’ve never thought about the connection. Great post!



About #5: When a person ends up out when they want to be in, they’re more likely to throw care to the wind and eat junk food. Spending several hours performing an unchosen activity creates internal dissidence (stress), which can lead to the desire to quell the stress by eating sweets in order to feel temporary joy.

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