Stop Being Sweet

5 Simple Quit Sugar Rules

FIVE Quit Sugar Rules

1. Never Shop While Hungry

Every ad campaign, discount sign, and food package is designed to tickle your taste buds. The techniques big companies use to lure you into buying their product are especially effective if you are thinking with your stomach. Eat something healthy before you shop and don’t bring junk food into your home.

2. Choose Wisely

Where you shop has a large impact on what you buy. Stroll the aisles at your local gas station and you’re likely to walk out with junk food in hand. Head over to the local farmer’s market and your chances of purchasing something healthy increases tenfold. Make the effort to avoid the known junk-food-pushing stores.

3. Replace, Replace, Replace

It doesn’t matter which sugar-free guru you follow. The whole premise of how to quit sugar is based on replacement foods. For example, cut out ice cream and replace it with yogurt. Then replace that with unsweetened yogurt. Repeat.

4. Limit Yourself

If you must snack, only eat the same old snack. That way it gets boring but you still have a way out when the uncontrollable urge for sugar overtakes your sensibilities. Combine this principle with the one above and you can turn your crappy snack into a healthy one over several generations of replacement.

5. You Do You

That diet guru, your favorite body builder, and that cute model who lost three pounds by quitting sugar all have sage advice. Of course, it may not work for you. Do your own thing. Avoiding sugar is not all or nothing. Turn the dial away from sugary junk food and towards health. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

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