Stop Being Sweet

20 Ways to Stop Being Sweet

Stop Being Sweet

The following are samples of sustainable sugar abstinence plans. Try one or make up your own and discover what works for you.

  1. Eat sweets only on Sunday
  2. Eat sweets once every two weeks
  3. Eat sweets only when having dessert at someone else’s house
  4. Eat just a particular type of sweets (i.e. Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream) and only one serving per week.
  5. Eat sweets once a week but only if you have worked out three times (for at least an hour each) that week
  6. Have a tiny a square of chocolate after lunch each day, Monday through Friday only (easier said than done!)
  7. Have sweets every three months for a whole day
  8. Only eat sweets at someone’s birthday celebration
  9. Eat only sweets that are home baked by you or someone you know
  10. Eat sweets only on bank holidays
  11. Eat sweets only on the 1st of the month
  12. Eat sweets only whenever you put $25 into a charity fund of your choice
  13. Eat sweets only when you’ve been offered and the date is an odd number
  14. Only eat sweets sweetened with natural sugar
  15. Only eat sweets on Fridays during leap years
  16. Eat sweets only on your birthday
  17. Eat sweets for the shorter distance between New Year’s Eve and your birthday, avoid sweets the rest of the year
  18. Eat sweets only on the 31st of the month
  19. Eat sweets only on one holiday each year (Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.)
  20. Eat sweets only four days out of each year (use like sick days)

If you’ve never avoided sugar before, start with an easy plan and graduate to a harder one.

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I love these ideas.  I always fail when I try to give up sugar as it’s an all or nothing deal to me.  If I break down and eat some sugar I throw in the towel and eat every sweet thing I can find.  And forget the whole thing for months.  I really like the one about only eating sugar if it’s something I’ve made.  I can make sure everything is full of healthy ingredients and not too much sugar.



I find this method to be attainable and sustainable. It takes some experimenting to find the plan that works best for you, but when you find it you’re good to go!



I am almost two weeks into being sugar free. My trigger foods are anything containing sugar. Once I eat a trigger food I almost can’t stop myself from binging. I quit sugar once years ago and the benefits were phenomenal. I had quit for several months and relapsed. How long should I be sugar free before I allow myself to indulge only on holidays?



At least one year. Allowing yourself to indulge on the holidays is a good way to stop being sweet. However, make sure you know on which holidays you’ll allow yourself sweets or else you could find yourself bingeing on President’s Day, Groundhog Day, and national anything day.



Thanks. I really appreciate your advice.



“Eat sweets only when you’ve been offered and the date is an odd number”. lol dude you’re hilarious. I can just imagine myself rejecting a sweet: “No thanks, today’s the 14th. Offer it to me tomorrow and i’ll eat it.” smile

Thanks for the list though! It’s really really helpful, David. I read Sugar Blues by William Dufty and excerpts of Lick The Sugar Habit by Nancy Appleton and sufficiently scared myself to want to quit sugar… and guess what? I just ate three rolls of sticky white rice cooked in coconut milk and sugar. Yum. I mean, oops.
Your website is really a valuable resource! And thanks for that cocaine picture. I’m gonna try telling myself every time I see something sugar-laden that it’s cocaine-laden. smile



Glad you like it. Remember, today is the 1st!



Well, today I failed again in my quest to be sugar free. Five sodas, a Hershey bar, a bag of m& M’s,  a bag of Trail Mix - nuts and chocolate and another search on Google for how to quit sugar. Your site gives me hope



Mark, it happens! Just start pick up where you left off. Remember, quitting sugar is not all or nothing.



This site is phenomenal, I JUST decided to give up sweets and I am happy to report I am 36 hours “sober”, I feel incredibly tired and a little dizzy so I did some searching and found you, I will be reading just about everything!



Hi Julia. Welcome! smile



hey guys im Sonia and these last few months i accepted the fact that i am and addict to sweet. and i really want to stop. i will try one Idea and stick to it….i am so happy im not the only one…(=b



Hi Sonia!



Wow, did I ever need to find this sight. I have went off sugar before and LOVED my life without it. However, people seem to think I am crazy and then I start to believe them and then I cave. I have tried to be clean again, but am having a hard time. Thanks for all of these ideas.



Good luck, Sherry!



I’m on the begging of my “journey” and this site is helping me so much. Everyday I find good information on how to stop being sweet.
It is hard though… Last week I stayed away from sugar for 4 days and on the 5th day I failed. I felt terribly weak and guilty after but got back to it the next day.
This week’s challenge to “avoid sugar” is helping me.
Thanks David one more time for creating this, it feels good to know I’m not alone in this journey smile
God bless you always!



Hi Raquel. You’re doing great! You lasted four days. Last four days at a time for a month and then go five days at a time. Then six. Etc.



Hi David
Thansks a lot again for your support!
I have a question. Today I ate a chocolate spread sweetened with sucralose and conclude it is a trigger food for me, just like the regular Nutella. The best thing is to avoid it, right?
I hope to last 7 days this week, up for the week chalenge wink
God bless u for everything you are doing in this community!



Yes. If you can’t control it, avoid it.



I just had a baby jan 5, 2011. I am a nursing mom, and use the excuse that I need more calories than before. The problem is I am going to stop nursing sometime and If I don’t get this surgar addiction under control I am going to gain a ton of weight.
I am even to the point that I will skip dinner or lunch to eat something sweet.  Even if I am full I will still eat sweet food.
I diffently need help, I hope this information helps



Hi Sherrie. Congrats on your baby! And congrats because you’ve now begun to get your sugar addiction under control.



Hey, love your site.  I have recently been trying to give up sugar and processed foods and it is definitely a struggle.  Eating with friends seems to be my biggest downfall.  Had been clean for 3 weeks and then had a little tumble off the wagon this week with multiple snickerdoodle cookies (heaven!!) and feel terrible about it.  But thanks for the encouragement, I will just start right back where I left off and move on.



That’s how we roll Britney! Just pick up and keep going.



I have found the 2 bite rule to be my best friend with sweets.
when offered something you can simply say yes (and “perhaps a small slice please”).
then proceed to thoughtfully enjoy the first bite-while also anticipating the joy of a second bite.
Don’t eat the rest.
I might add the if alcohol has been a part of the event it is more difficult to
abstain from devouring the whole darn thing-thus asking for a small piece insures a lesser debauchery if you fail to abstain.



I gave up sugar for a year in 2007 and lost 20 pounds in weight. I’m quite tall so it was actually only a couple of dress sizes.  I felt so much better. Confident. Happy. But more than the weight I felt so well.  Healthy.  Bright and alert.
Then at a wedding I ate a piece of wedding cake and it all went wrong again.  That was 4 years ago and I’ve eaten sugar since then. Suffer with candida and migraine, muscle pain and feeling tired all the time.  It’s so hard to start again.
I really like your idea of allowing sugar 4 times a year as, had I thought of that at the time of the wedding cake I might have felt more in control.
Really impressed with this site.
Sugar ALWAYS makes me feel bad afterwards - it really isn’t good stuff for me.  I’ve just started life trying to kick the sweet stuff again today!  I’ve been 12 hours and find your site inspiring.



Hi Maggie, I’m happy you like the website. I once went for months without sugar and then had a single thin mint at a lunch meeting. Two weeks later I was back eating chocolate every day. (The sugar roller coaster is not fun.) Good luck with your sugar abstention!



Hi David,
I’m two weeks in now and it has gone so fast. Haven’t really craved anything bad.  Feeling in control. 

I have a big party tonight and I’m getting lots of pressure from friends to eat sugar. 

I thought I could use the date as one of my four allowed days but I just don’t actually want to so I’m storing them up for christmas cake and three extra days, no doubt one will be more wedding cake (I just love fruit cake). 

So for this party I just said ‘no way as i’ve just lost ten pounds and am going on a beach holiday this summer’.  All of that is actually true too! I just said please support me in this and they have backed off.

Oddly I’m not too interested in the weight loss for once in my 40 years and I’m more concerned about my health.  Think the Dr Lustig download on youtube sealed my resolve. 

The four day rule is really helping me as it is not that I can’t have sugar, i’m finding I just don’t want to.  The rule makes me feel less deprived and realising I just don’t want sugar has put the biggest smile on my face that I’ve seen in a long time.  Thanks again!



Yes, real friends will back off when they realize you really want to be off sweets. Don’t be surprised if at least one of them joins you now that you’re making it look so easy!



Hi all! I came across this site and saw some great comments.  Does anybody know any sites where sugar addicts can be linked to sponsors and can help one another focus on sugar abstinence???? I’d appreciate any suggestions! All the best!



Hi Esti, that’s a great idea. Some of the people in the SBS forum were supporting each other in that way. I might know some people who would be willing to participate in such an exchange. If you’d like, contact me and I’ll see if I can connect you.

Senja Nicolai


I’m interested in an online support group as well.

Also, David, do you eat wheat in your plan?



Sooo glad I found this site. I search and search (both online and off) for ways to stop eating sugar, specially since I’m an addict. This does give hope. It allows you to gradually move into being more abstainable. I love choices and I have lots I can work with here. Love em all!!! Thanks, David.



Nearly 12 months!. A couple of sugar days in December (more sugar in savoury food than eating sweets). Survived the holidays with a couple of days off but back to my normal non sweet routine and feeling over the moon. Just used the sugar free days idea. No weight gain over the holidays for a change. More important than that it seems to have lost it’s hold on me and what I did have wasn’t really that great. Happier without it. Finally. It isn’t will power, it’s just listening to my body. Haven’t used my four days yet but having them there made this so much easier. Great tip!



Sweet, Maggie! So good to hear.



Ha ha if I did number 12, I would be a famous philanthropist in no time. Much less attached to money than I am to sugar! smile



Okay these are all good ideas and i love them but my b-day is on new years



Perfect, Elise. Eat sweets only on your new year’s birthday.

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