Stop Being Sweet

10 Tips for Avoiding Sugar at the Office

Stop Being Sweet

If you’re reading this blog post at work in the USA it’s quite possible that you already have a bowl of candy sitting not too far from your desk. Halloween is the start of “sweets season.”

Here are some tips on how to avoid sugar at work.

1. Make An Effort

If you go into the season without a plan you’ll end up floating from candy dish to candy dish. Make a concerted effort to avoid sweets before the treat season starts.

2. Make Friends

You probably aren’t the only one who wants to avoid eating a bunch of junk at work. Figure out who’s in it with you and create a pact.

3. Bring Food With You

You’re at work and you’re hungry. You can stay hungry or eat a Snickers. Which will most likely happen? If you bring your own snacks you can eat when you’re hungry and you can eat well. Other people will notice and they’ll either temp you with sweets or join you in your abstinence. You’ll learn who your friends are.

4. What to Bring

Try fruit slices, veggies, unsweetened chips, nuts, dried fruits, fruit juice, or salad. Go down the bulk aisle at your food store (if there is one) and try something new, but obviously avoid the sweetened stuff.

5. Eat Breakfast

Lots of people don’t have breakfast. Some people don’t have time. I say make time! Or bring breakfast to work and eat it there if you can. A protein filled breakfast helps you be energized through the hardest part of your day.

6. Take Action

Nothing is going to happen if you don’t actually do something about getting healthier.

7. Exercise

Eat lunch and then take a walk. Take a walk after work or after dinner. Walking is a great. Get a digital camera and walking becomes an adventure-hunt for interesting pictures. Ride a bike. If it’s snowing where you live, build a snowman!

8. Write About It

Write down what you eat, when you eat it, and how it makes you feel. It’s so easy to eat candy all day all week and then two weeks later you’re doing it again having forgotten how lousy it made you feel two weeks earlier. Writing things down helps you to be able to look back and see trends in your life. By reading past journals you can discover that your sugar consumption might just be emotionally charged. How would it make you feel to know that your overeating of sweets comes as a response to that person you don’t like who works down the hall from you? How would it make you feel to know that you’ve dropped $275 dollars into the office soda machine this year? Write it all down and keep track.

9. Read the Labels, Ask Questions

Maybe you’ve got a place to buy food at your job. If so, start asking questions. Lots of cafeterias offer processed foods that are easy to store, prepare, and sell. These foods aren’t always the best in terms of nutrition and they’re often laden with artificial sweeteners. read the labels or ask what’s in there. Most of the time the staff has no idea what’s in the foods they sell. If that’s the case, you should avoid it. See tip number 3. Bringing your own food will save you money and keep the sugar out of your diet.

10. If You Must

If you must eat sweets, limit yourself only to homemade treats. This way if someone brings in cookies they made with their grandchildren you won’t offend them by not partaking. Always say no to all company wrapped, factory produced sugar foods.

Got ideas about how to avoid sweets at work? Add a comment!

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Your information is great and I found a lot of value in it. I hoped to return some of that value by writing of this topic, using the information here and resourcing it directly to this site. Men, as well as women, need to know they aren’t the only ones.



Hi Teresa. Please do not use my blogposts on Wikihow. I look forward to reading your original writing about your thoughts and experiences with sugar. Thanks.



I didn’t use your blogpost. I used the information from here and elsewhere and used your site as a resource.



Oh, then I misunderstood. So many times people just lift the entire blog post! I’m glad this site is valuable. smile



I don’t do that. You worked hard on your article and I don’t believe in the cut and paste. You can use the information without copying someone else’s hard work.

Still fighting the ‘sweet’ fight, but you give me hope.



You can brush your teeth.  Sugar doesn’t taste good on top of spearmint toothpaste.



This is interesting.

Eventhough there is a few things I eat that are sweets but since I started reading a book by Dr. Amen its something like Change your brain change your age.  I have a different look on sweets now since I started reading the book.  I’m also have not been heavy on sweets it just doesn’t suit me.  its the holiday seasons you know yummy homemade and store brought pies will be there is what get me at times



I found that the best way to not eat sweets is to not take any money to work. No money to buy anything means no way to get sweets. If I buy anything it would be a sweet treat. it’s not for everyone, but it works for me because I ride to work and always bring my lunch (or starve if I don’t!)

What frustrates me is that offices in general have cookies, doughnuts, cakes etc.. as a reward for birthdays and doing something well. This culture of rewarding with sweets is a bad thing in the office and it is very hard to change. If you can change that, then you are on a winner!

Your tips are good, just thought I would add one more that has worked for me smile



Thanks , nh!

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