Stop Being Sweet

10 Sugar-Free Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Stop Being Sweet

1. Go Out

Do something that requires spending time together. What’s more memorable, a box of candy or an evening listening to the symphony?

2. Surprise!

You’ve been talking about taking a class together, going to a casino together, or joining the gym together. Make a date and do it! Don’t tell your partner what’s going to happen and make sure the activity is something they love to do. Nothing ruins the evening like taking your sweetie to do something they really don’t want to be taking part in. If you’re making it a complete surprise, choose an activity that neither of you have ever done so you can share a new experience together.

3. Make Dinner

Take the time to whip up a nice meal, light candles, and rent that movie you’ve been wanting to watch. Shut off the phones, the pager, the Blackberry, and disconnect the Internet. The only sweetness there is the sweetness you create.

4. Give a Coupon Book

Make a coupon book with “foot rub, back rub, neck massage,” labels and make one an, “I’ll run out and get it right now with no questions asked,” card.

5. If You Must Buy Something… something extra to make it more meaningful. If your partner has been pining away for that special thing that will make their life a little better, get it for them. Get an inscribed iPod and load it with love poems you wrote, read and recorded. If you get the store bought thing, make sure you have to climb a mountain or fight a band of Ninjas to purchase whatever you got.

6. Take Action, Make Time

A thoughtful, hand-made gift goes a long way. It says, “I am prepared and have been working on making you happy for a long time.” Make a card by hand, but don’t use one of those computer programs—that’s cheesy. Construction paper and glitter, good. Microsoft Word, bad. Make a video declaring your love and post it on YouTube.

7. Avoid Red Store-Bought Stuff

Nothing says, “I thought of you… on my way home while stopping at the supermarket,” like a box of chocolates in a red heart-shaped box. If you must buy at the store, (see #5) make it WOW!

8. The Weekend

Give a small gift on Valentine’s day and then whisk your sweetie away for the day or for the weekend. Stay at a small hotel and explore some little town two-to-three hours drive from where you live.

9. Flowers at Work

Getting flowers at work is a favorite for women and men. The recipient always feels special. If you send flowers, add a secret note that gives a hint to your surprise (see #2).

10. Combine Any Two (or more) Ideas

Give your partner flowers that hint at the dinner you’ve prepared and ends with you taking them away for the weekend while they listen to the love songs loaded on their brand new engraved iPod! 

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I absolutely LOVE these ideas. Fabulous. (Though, I must say…I was secretly hoping for some delicious sugar-free chocolate suggestion. 100% coacoa just doesn’t do it for me. Any suggestions? (I also avoid sugar subs like those that come in little pink packages…)

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