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Stop Being Sweet

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5 Tips for Overcoming the Shame of Sugar Addiction

10 Strikes Against ‘Personal Responsibility’

5 Reasons Why You Buy Too Much Halloween Candy

The Truth About Crusty Eyes in the Morning

Political Marketing: You Are What You Eat

The Sugar Depression Emotion Connection

10 Little Moments That Make You Sweet

How to Beat Sugar Addiction & Emotional Eating

Addicted to Chocolate? Think Again.

Kryptonite Sugar Challenge

Superman and Superwoman are super beings, except when they are exposed to Kryptonite—a radioactive element from their home planet, Krypton. Exposure to Kryptonite left them weak, fatigued, and feeling lousy. You are a super being as well. However, just like the super comic characters, you can easily be corrupted with a unique brand of Kryptonite-like material that weakens and slowly destroys you.

Top 10 Sugar-Free Lessons from 2015

2015 was a rough year for us. We moved several times and we still have one more to go. Despite the roller coaster ride, there are always lessons to be learned. Here are ten that I hope you find useful in your sugar-free journey.

The Anatomy of a Sugar Binge

The temptation happens when the stars align and you find yourself in a situation where you can let loose. What will you eat? Where will you get it? Is it already available? Will you have to go to the store to get it? Will you feel guilty later?

5 Reasons Why It’s Hard to Quit Sugar

Going sugar-free is counter culture. It’s against the grain. Companies don’t make money off you not eating their industrial food products. But it’s your friend’s birthday and his grandmother made her famous Amazing Grandma Cake and it might be the last time you ever get to eat it.

How to Stop Being Sweet Without Being Negative

When you stop being sweet, it’s hard to not want to shout it out to the world. Make a shift that changes the world a little bit for the better and you’ll want others to understand and join you.

Mad Men Ends with a Coke

For me, the show Mad Men was a window into an era that I barely got to witness. It helped me make sense of the past and transported me back to a time when I stood on a chair to use a rotary dial telephone.

Mad Men Finale’s Sweet Ending Left a Bitter Taste

I was happy. And then right in the middle of my positive emotional state they played an entire commercial.

Label Sugary Drink War Rages On

Legislators keep trying to put labels on excessively sugary food items and food companies keep stopping them. Why don't food companies want warning labels?

Sugar-Free? Change “Cheat Day” to “Still Addicted Day”

If you’re going sugar-free and you have what you call a “cheat day” then you are setting yourself up for failure. Here’s why…

8 Steps to Going Sugar-Free in a Sweet Household

If you live with your family and they all love sweets, these 8 steps will help you get off sugar for good. You family has a huge influence on how you live your life but ultimately it’s up to you to choose what is right for you.

5 Deceptive Sources of Hidden Sugar in Everyday Foods

You cut out sweets and thought you had everything worked out until you read the labels! Here are five foods that will get you every time.

Encoding Our Love for Sugar

Your subconscious mind remembers positive associations with sugary junk food even when you’ve forgotten. Can you think of any subliminal sweet suggestions that were part of your childhood? Here’s one of mine…

Stop Being Sweet

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