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When Did You Discover You Had A Problem?

Many people don’t think that their sugar consumption is a problem. Sweets are fun treats that they can take or leave. Some folks even quit for a while only to find that they end up eating other forms of sweets without even knowing that’s what they’re doing. How about you? When did you discover that you had a sugar problem?

Memories of Halloween

Not everyone loves scary skulls and glowing pumpkins, but for those of us who do there are many fond memories. Share some of yours.

My Worst Sugar Binge

My worst binge was a two-week long indulgence after having quit sugar for one year. That was TWO WEEKS of nothing but sugar! (I’ll never do that again.) What was your worst sugar binge like?

Will Travel for Sweets

When I was a teen, some of my first attempts at being “independent” were to ride my bike to the 7-11 convenience store to buy myself candy. Read my sweet story and share your own.

Stop Being Sweet

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