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5 Deceptive Sources of Hidden Sugar in Everyday Foods

You cut out sweets and thought you had everything worked out until you read the labels! Here are five foods that will get you every time.

Sugar-Free Challenge: Test Your Love for Chocolate

Do you love chocolate? I mean, do you really love chocolate?

If you said yes, then try this challenge.

Encoding Our Love for Sugar

Your subconscious mind remembers positive associations with sugary junk food even when you’ve forgotten. Can you think of any subliminal sweet suggestions that were part of your childhood? Here’s one of mine…

Four Days of Sweetness, 2014

Every year, I abstain from sweets all but from Halloween ‘til November 3rd. This is my personal sustainable sugar abstinence plan and it (mostly) works for me. Here is my summary for 2014.

Sugar, Website, Halloween, Oh my!

This year I took a break from blogging that lasted way longer than expected but Stop Being Sweet is still alive! Things are just a little slow for a bit…

Stop Being Sweet at Spark Weekend

This weekend I will be talking about how to Stop Being Sweet at a unique conference. Spark Weekend is designed to measurably improve your health, productivity, and relationships in the shortest period of time possible.

End of 2013: How I Got Married and Jumped Off the Sugar-Free Wagon

Gwenn and I got married! Though we had a simple civil ceremony, the past few months had us preoccupied with planning our wedding. Knowing that we’d be out of town to celebrate, I chose to indulge.

Stop Being Sweet on KATU News

Thank you to Valerie Hurst from KATU for coming by sugar-free headquarters to talk with me about Stop Being Sweet!

5 Things People Will Say To You When You Stop Being Sweet

It can be difficult to abstain from sugar but it does get easier with practice. Here are five things people will say to you at some point or another…

8 Facts About Food That Will Totally Creep You Out

The information in this video will totally creep you out. That is, if you’re still eating the foods featured in this video.

Infographic: Carbs Are Killing You!

This infographic is based on the book “Why We Get Fat” by Gary Taubes.

The Science of Food Addiction

There’s not a chef crafting the processed foods we’re being sold. There’s a scientist—well many scientists…

Crest Cashes In On Candy Craze

Advertising perpetuates and manipulates public opinion. In this case Crest takes a self serving stance by putting kids in charge.

Four Days of Sweetness 2013

I abstain from sweets all but from Halloween ‘til November 3rd annually. This year I ate sugar as I always do.

Oreos as Addictive as Drugs?

A recent research project by faculty and students at Connecticut College has suggested that Oreo cookies are as addictive as cocaine.

Woman to Hand Out Letters Saying “Your Kid is Too Obese for Candy”

A woman in Fargo, ND plans on handing out letters that basically say, “You’re too heavy,” to certain children on Halloween.

Stop Being Sweet Turns 8!

Truthfully, when I began Stop Being Sweet, it was kind of a joke. I wasn’t interesting in becoming a health guru.

October 30, 2013: Almost There

I walked into Whole Foods tonight. Realizing that I will eat sweets over the next few days, I wandered into the bakery section.

Infographic: Fast Food Advertising Aimed at Kids (Works!)

Apparently McDonalds and Burger King are in a heated competition to embed positive feelings in children, thus turning them into life-long customers.

Sugary Junk Food ≠ Fun

Even though people might desire a cookie or can of soda while at a loved one’s wake, junk food companies will never line up to place concession stands or vending machines at your local funeral parlor.

5 Healthy Places That Trick You Into Eating Unhealthy Foods

Society is a complex whirlpool of competing values and ideologies. When you’re having trouble getting off sweets, the cause is often something you haven’t taken into consideration.

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