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What Are My Sweet Parameters?

When you Stop Being Sweet, you need to figure out your parameters. Recently, I was asked about mine. Here they are…

FAQ: Which is Worse, Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners?

There’s going to be someone out there who will argue that artificial sweeteners are just as safe as sugar…

FAQ: Will I Feel Better After Kicking the Sugar Habit?

The answer to M’s question, “Will I feel better after kicking the sugar habit enough to make it worth the EXTREME difficulty of quitting?”

FAQ: How Long Did It Take to Give Up Sugar?

Is It Possible for a Pastry Chef to Stop Being Sweet?

Question: I have quite a complex problem. I’m a pastry chef. Of late, I have gradually given up all my unhealthy vices. Drinking, smoking, caffeine, not exercising… and just one, the worst one, remains. Sugar.

Michelle Asks About OCD and Sugar

No Cookies

Michelle asked, “Do you use substitutes? Did going sugar free help your OCD? How long after going sugar free did you notice results?”

Read this post for my answers.

How to Stop Eating Sugar at Work and at Night?

Joseph asked, “How can I stop eating sugar and work at night?” Avoiding sweets at work and at home covers some of the most vulnerable areas in your life. The answer to his question is always the same.

Eat Fruit on an Empty Stomach?

Fruit? Luis asked, “How do you feel about consuming fresh fruits on only an empty stomach? Are these sugars still detrimental?” Turns out there’s an urban folktale about this.

Does Your eBook Makes Sense for Me?

Katie asked about creating a personalized sugar abstinence program. She also wanted to know if my ebook makes sense for her and if her current support system will be enough to help her stop being sweet.

How Do You Eat Sugar One Day and Not the Next?

Jill asked how I can have sugar for four days a year and afterwards not have it turn into five days, and then six, and so on. The answer is so simple that it’s almost hard to believe.

Do You Eat Sugar When You Eat Out?

How to Quit Sugar with Kids?

Are Granola Bars Sweet?

How Long Does It Take To Quit Sugar?

How Do I Know Your Book Is Going To Be The Answer This Time?

A sugar addict asked me this very question. Read this post for the answer.

How Long to Get Off Sugar?

One of the most common questions I am asked is how long does it take before you an consider yourself “sugar-free”. It doesn’t take too long.

What Is “Sweaty Butt”?

How do you know if the sweaty butt you are experiencing is a result of chronic sugar consumption?

Where Do You Draw The Line?

When people first try to quit sugar, they often have an idea in their head as to what quitting sugar should look like. Most people think it means you decide one day that you will never eat sugar again. From that point on they struggle with avoiding sugar and life becomes living torture. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Esther Asks About Sugar Detox and Exercise

How long did it take me to adjust to having no sugar? How long did it take before I felt like exercising again? What kinds of snacks can I eat?

Medications That Help Stop Sugar Cravings?

Imagine a little pill that magically kills your taste buds for sweet things. Does such a thing exists? It just might…

Why Binge Once A Year?

Sarah wrote in to ask about why I eat sugar for four days once every year. And I answered her!

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