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“Sugar Free” Is Unpackaged

I’d like to quit eating products (preserved packaged foods) and only eat natural foods. It’s a dream, I know.

You are reading my open thought process.

My food consumption has increased after going off the sweets. Sometimes fast food seems very appealing. So far I haven’t given in to the fast food lure, although it’s partially because I couldn’t find a fast food place, one day recently, when I was particularly hungry and weak.

I have been eating other types of food in lieu of sweets. Enjoying eating is going to be especially tricky do during Christmas week as my family gatherings are traditionally sweet infested. Eating something other than sweets, when I want sweets, works for me FOR NOW.

The replacement system that is my current coping mechanism is not permanent. Who wants to spend a year eating nothing but carbs only switch back to refined cakes, cookies, and candies in early 2007?

Take things one step at a time. First quit the hard stuff. Next reduce the intake. Cookies and snacks were the hardest for me to cut out and now that they are gone it’s all about eating more healthy food less often coupled with keeping fit.

So, I take it one step at a time. That means Cheerios will have to go soon. Oh how I’ll miss you my sweet, sweet Cheerios.

Life Is So Sweet

At the supermarket I took a look at the ingredients for a variety of foods. It seemed that nearly every single product has sugar in it. Cereal of course has sugar. Breads have sugar. Pickles have sugar. Mustard has sugar. Soup has sugar. Everything that comes in a cardboard box or plastic container seems to have added sugar in one form or another.

Is there anything sold at the store that’s not sweetened?

Strange Dreams

I’ve been unsweet for 20 days now. The first week my body was completely tired and run down. My energy levels were low and I’d conk out quickly. Some days a heavy nap half way through the afternoon was necessary.

The second week has been a little easier. I have been having strange dreams and some restless nights. The dreams are odd, colorful, and mostly enjoyable. Strange dreams are one of the benefits of quitting it would seem, although I had a nightmare!

While sitting in a café with a few girls, I touched my front, top teeth with my tongue. They felt crooked and one of them fell out. That started a chain reaction and a handful of teeth fell into my palm. A moment later, in the bathroom mirror, I could see that my teeth on top had broken in half all the way across my jaw.

The pieces in my hand had grown long and purple like a toothbrush with roots at one end and white caps at the other. My thoughts centered on not having a dental plan, not enough money to cover such bills, and how I’d look after surgery.

The dream is much longer but I’ll spare you the details of the strange McDonalds drive through that became an inescapable indoor garage cafe.

Tired, but not Tried!

I can’t make it through the day without wanting to nap. Tonight at 6 PM I thought it might be a good idea to go to sleep but instead came to the computer to write. It’s only been four days since I stopped eating sweets. Quitting sugar hasn’t been hard, but feeling energized has been a challenge. I’m still over eating and find myself snacking even though I’m not hungry.

I’ve eaten cheese, tofurky, bread, lettuce, natural peanut butter and apples, and drank nothing but water. Perhaps I need to discover some new sugar-free foods/snacks.

Crave Crave Go Away

If possible, I’d have stayed in bed all weekend. My energy levels have are shot even after a full night’s sleep. I am over-eating but at least it’s good food. However, my stomach has been surprisingly upset and bloated. On Friday I had heartburn all day. I’m eating the same amount of real food (rather than candy/cookies) and it’s filling me to the brim. Gross.

The sugar cravings are strong after a meal when some kind of dessert was the norm. Today I was offered mocha and cookies after lunch. I refused. My host was surprised and offered again. Again I politely refused. Right now, even though I’m stuffed after dinner, I still want to eat something sweet.

I’ve been peeing a lot. I have to get up in the middle of the night or early in the morning and also go many times during the day. The first two days after quitting I was often hot and sweating despite the cold weather. In the next two weeks my body will go through many adjustments.

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