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Summer Sugar Binge, 2017

Happy Halloween! Annual Sweet Days: 2016

I Didn’t Quit Sugar, I Have An Ice Cream Forcefield

Sweet Summer: 2015

Things are good. I am in my 10th year of sugar abstinence—ten whole years of avoiding sugar all but for four days out of every year. Not too shabby. I’m experimenting and that’s okay.

Once an Addict, Always an Addict

Here’s a story about how to keep yourself on the sugar-free wagon when you accidentally (or not so accidentally) fall off and find yourself knee-deep in junk food wrappers.

Four Days of Sweetness, 2014

Every year, I abstain from sweets all but from Halloween ‘til November 3rd. This is my personal sustainable sugar abstinence plan and it (mostly) works for me. Here is my summary for 2014.

Sugar, Website, Halloween, Oh my!

This year I took a break from blogging that lasted way longer than expected but Stop Being Sweet is still alive! Things are just a little slow for a bit…

End of 2013: How I Got Married and Jumped Off the Sugar-Free Wagon

Gwenn and I got married! Though we had a simple civil ceremony, the past few months had us preoccupied with planning our wedding. Knowing that we’d be out of town to celebrate, I chose to indulge.

Four Days of Sweetness 2013

I abstain from sweets all but from Halloween ‘til November 3rd annually. This year I ate sugar as I always do.

Stop Being Sweet Turns 8!

Truthfully, when I began Stop Being Sweet, it was kind of a joke. I wasn’t interesting in becoming a health guru.

October 30, 2013: Almost There

I walked into Whole Foods tonight. Realizing that I will eat sweets over the next few days, I wandered into the bakery section.

Anti-Sugar vs. Sugar-Free

While I don’t and won’t hand out duct tape for Halloween (decent sized nails would be more my style) I did experiment with offering kids the choice…

Why Do I Eat When I’m Not Really Hungry?

Yesterday, I had a late lunch consisting of butternut squash soup, roasted vegetables, and some quinoa. Barring a small evening snack, I planned to be done eating for the day.

A few hours later my friends said, “Let’s get something to eat.”

How I Accidentally Became a Food Snob Without Trying

Meanwhile, the huge, refrigerated produce room located off of the bakery area was devoid of people.

Survived a Holiday Party 2012

This evening I found myself surrounded by appetizers, saucy comfort foods, meat dishes, and desserts.

Day 3 of My 4-Day Juice Fast

By the time you read this I’ll be into day 4 of my 4-day juice fast.

Why Do a Juice Fast?

Answers to the questions I’ve been asked about fasting.

4-Day Juice Fast Starts Now!

Four Days of Sweetness 2012: I Don’t Want Sugar Anymore

A quick summary of 2012’s four days of sweetness.

Boo! Sugar is Really Scary

How did I survive eating like this for so many years?

Halloween Experiment 2012: Candy or Glow Sticks?

Do kids prefer candy or glow sticks?

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