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Sugar-Free Challenge: Pay Attention to Persuasion

Ad: Night Off for Mom

Over the course of the next week, pay special attention when you see or hear an advertisement for a food or restaurant. Notice how the message makes you feel. Obviously the ad will try to make you feel hungry or thirsty, but there’s always more to it than that.

Do they try to make you feel like you deserve to eat or drink what they’re selling?

Do they instruct you to run out and buy it? Tell you how to get it, prepare it, or consume it?

Are you directly or indirectly promised something in return for eating or drinking what they’re pushing?

Listen between the lines and figure it what they’re really selling you.

Sugar-Free Challenge: Put It Off


If you find yourself on your way to eating sugary junk food, put it off. Procrastination isn’t always a bad thing. It can even be fun!

Whatever you do, make sure it’s anything but eating sweets:

Take a nap.
Play a video game.
Make a phone call.
Do some paperwork.
Go to the bank.
Send email.
Surf the web.
Go shopping for socks.


Take a walk.
Play a real game.
Pay a visit.
Do some gardening.
Go to the gym.
Write and send a letter.
Ride your bike.
Go shopping for vegetables.

See how much time you can put between you and your sugar fix.

Sugar-Free Challenge: Make Your Own Food From Scratch at Home

This week, make your food yourself from scratch at home. If you’re always on the run, make the food ahead of time and carry it with you. Plan ahead.

If you you’re unable to bake your own bread and whip up your own mayonnaise after having slaughtering a pig and producing your own bologna, then at least make yourself a sandwich and bring it with you.

You probably don’t even have to attempt this challenge in order to see why the food and beverage industry makes so much money off of us.

This challenge is difficult. At least try it for a day.

Sugar-Free Challenge: Know What Sweetener You’re Consuming

What Is In My Food?!

Especially and at least for the next three days, know your sweetener.

Eat as you normally eat but look at the ingredients and see what is sweetening the food or drink you’re consuming. You’re probably familiar with sugar or High Fructose Corn Syrup, but there are a ton of other sweeteners out there. Which one are you consuming? How much are you taking in? How often? If you don’t recognize the name, look it up.

If you’re ambitious, keep track. Otherwise, just make a point to know what ingredient is making that thing you’re eating seem so delicious.

Sugar-Free Challenge: No Sugar from Wednesday to Friday

No Sugar

This is a simple challenge. From right now until the end of the day (midnight) on Friday, avoid all sweets. There are no caveats.

Simply say no to all sugary junk foods and drinks for the next 72 hours.

You have been dared!

Don’t be a sugar-addicted, advertising-brainwashed, junk food consumer.

Be a healthy-eating powerhouse of willpower and can do attitude!

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