Are you a sugar addict? I am. In 2005 I vowed to quit and began blogging about life without sweets. This site contains a forum, my journal, product reviews, Sugar-Free Challenges, and the self-published Stop Being Sweet ebook.

The Binge Begins!

Here I am eating my first sweet of my four day sugar binge. It’s a chocolate candy imported from France by my sweet honey, Gwenn.

First Sweet

The result:

It tastes just like I remember and feels like I ate chocolate yesterday.

I’m not especially interested in eating more, not at midnight when I have to get up to teach a class first thing in the morning.

My front tooth actually ached, which worries me! Sugar is so corrosive to our teeth.

The chocolates are assorted and I’ve eaten a few. One had a caramel/nut filling which adhered to my teeth. I forgot how that feels. Yuck. To be honest, I know there must have been times in my youth, probably more than I’d care to admit or know, in which I’d eat candy and skip brushing before bed. My poor teeth!

I’m going to keep a detailed log during the next four days of eating nothing but sugar.

Check back.

The BEST Costume

Gwenn made my costume and it’s way better than I imagined. If you’re not in Portland, check back after October 31st for Halloween pictures.

Sugar Free Halloween Party for Everyone

This Sunday, October 29th at PSU is the third annual Sugar Free Halloween Party!

Sugar Comic

Jeanne sent an interesting link about sugar and Halloween that’s worth a read. For even more sugar information, follow some of the links in the article.

I Purchased Pop Tarts

In anticipation of my upcoming sugar-ban lift, I purchased a package of Strawberry flavored Pop Tarts with Frosting to be eaten as breakfast. For the most part I can pretty much forget about them. But every once in a while—if I open the cabinet and notice them—the thought flashes through my mind that nobody would know if I ate them early. It’s just a week away and I’ve waited a whole year; I can wait a few more days.

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