Are you a sugar addict? I am. In 2005 I vowed to quit and began blogging about life without sweets. This site contains a forum, my journal, product reviews, Sugar-Free Challenges, and the self-published Stop Being Sweet ebook.

Sugar Challenge: March 2007

This sugar challenge is easy. Simply stop eating sweets right now.

That’s right! NOW!

You read this, that means you can do it. Resolve yourself to eating better and start ASAP.

The next time you’re confronted with something sweet, think of this message. You can change things—and only you can change them!

So Stop Being Sweet and start eating smart. If, and only if, you fall off the wagon, let us know where and why.

(Hopefully there will be no posts here.)

When Will You Stop Being Sweet?

Did you know that this blog is one and a half years old!? That’s how long I’ve been off sugar.

Perhaps you came here by doing a search. Maybe someone told you about this website. Either way, you can live a healthier life by changing how you eat starting right now.

What do you need to “get off sugar” once and for all? Why do you keep eating junk food?

Sugar Challenge: March 2007 A

Do you remember what you ate last week? This month’s sugar challenge is not to avoid sugar. Instead, write down everything you eat from the 1st through the 14th of March. You might also record how you feel each day—happy, tired, annoyed, blissful, etc. Include as much information as you can but the main thing is to keep track of your food intake.

In the News

Check out this article on sugar from Culinate. I’m in it, but more interestingly there’s some fun facts about sugar consumption.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Did you manage to quit sugar for all or part of the Winter Sugar Challenge? How do you feel? What did you notice? Will you stay off sugar or will you indulge in chocolates today? Will you continue to Stop Being Sweet?

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After a weekend-long sugar binge in 2003, I realized my problem was very real. It took some time but I finally figured out a way to stay off sweet junk food for good! Read more.

Quit Sugar?

Don’t quit sugar. Stop Being Sweet instead! Questions? Please ask.