Seriously addicted

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Wow.  Trying to cut out sugar as of today.

I am feeling…. Sore and cranky and HUNGRY.  I want to cry and I’m feeling really anxious and Terrible.  I feel almost as if I’m in mourning of my favourite “drug” of choice.  It’s very sad!!!! (another symptom, depression).  How am I so sad over food?!  It’s kind of silly really but it’s the truth.  I’m having visions of myself binge eating with all the usual suspects.  Pancakes with syrup, peanut butter marshmallow squares, and my fave: fudge!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can almost taste it these cravings are so bad.

Someone please tell me this will get better!!!!!!!!

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This WILL get better! Drinking lots of water and eating when hungry helps… hang in there!

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How’s it going?


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