NYC Stories

William Gibson

I decided that I was going to sleep in. For some reason I couldn’t sleep all night and I was only half asleep with my blinds shut and a my eyes covered from the morning sun. I heard the first plane hit. It shook my windows but I didn’t think anything of it.

It sounded like a truck or something and I told myself that i would look outside in a minute. Looking out my window I saw sparkles and no sound. I got out of bed and looked out to see people running and smoke coming out of the WTC tower. My first thought was to grab my video camera and go down to see the action. When I got outside I began taping the blue sky and the black smoke from the tower. No one knew what was to come, you couldn’t feel any sense of danger as I walked closer and closer to the towers. I stopped for some reason on Cortlandt street pointed my camera and focused on the burning tower and out of the corner of my eye I could see a jet accompanied by a loud sound that was the engines and then silence and then red balls of flame. What I will remember at that moment is an unexplainable feeling of fear and a void of any rational. I can only describe it as evil personified. I had never seen it before but you couldn’t take your eyes of what it had created.

William Gibson

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