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NAME : Anonymous
AGE : 20

it was the first time i had the chance to visit a state such as “America”....

i ‘m a college student here in turkey. at august i was working untill this chance actually came to me. i was going to see disney world… , Orlando.

i did’nt even think slightly a ‘bit’, and i just quit from work and got my plane ticket. it was going to be once in a lifetime and i was’nt stupid to miss it. anyway, everything was grate until 11.08.2001…

i was at the animal kingdom at the time the second plane hit WTC. they stoped the show we were watching and told us to leave the park. at first i really did’nt think it was much important. afterall it was ‘AMERICA’. nothing could happen easily to a country so big, so strong. but unfortonatly when i got back to the hotel and watched the news, it was’nt as simple as i thought it was. i was totally shocked. i thought about being killed when your definately not expecting it. i was thinking of going to NY after Orlando. it could of happened to me aswell. it could, and did, happen to thousands of inocent people.  not only americans, but also people from hundreds of different countries, like me, who came to visit america. i thought of how ignorant people, naming themselves ‘terrorists’, could be. how horrible they could be by killing thousands of people for absolutely NOTHING!

i did’nt want to ‘visit’ NY any more! i wanted to go to NY, and help some how!

if only i could have… it was the second terrible thing that i had ever witnessed after the earthquake that happened here in turkey, 1999.  but when you think about the nature and terrorism; to be honest, i’d perfer the wildness of the nature to the wildness of the human being. because once it hurts you, mankind is some being you can never forgive.

sorry to all americans. sorry to all the people from all nationalities, who care.

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