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A Moment of Quiet Desperation…

Has it only be three weeks???  Did it really happen?? As life unfolds a little bit more since september 11, and we try to get back to normal, I feel more and more that we’re making up “normal” as we go along…  Coming home from a weekend trip to Maryland, we took the route to the Lincoln Tunnel, and I could still not believe how our beloved skyline has been marred, changed forever.  All my life, coming home from any long trip, the first view of our skyline was like a huge, twinkling welcome mat in the night sky, but Sunday the Empire State Building looked so lonely, and I felt a desperate saddness for my beautiful city, for each of us New Yorkers…  This is still so hard, it’s still so unbelieveable and I wish every day that it hadn’t happened…

Jackson Hts, New York

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