NYC Stories


Im a 14 year old girl, And I live in Australia. I have read most of the storys on here . Yet I couldn not have felt nearly half the amount of pain and grief than people in New York…and the familys of those in the WTC.

It started when I was in bed at about 9:00pm on the 11th of Spetember. I was off from school and decided to have an early night…so I thought. Dad came along and knocked on my door..

“mum wants you to see something”

“now? im sleeping”

“she wants you to see come on”

Struggling out of bed I opened the door , through the kitchen into the Lounge Room, at first glance I thought it was some kind of pollution thing, I saw lots of smoke and thought that some company in our state was on the news….it wasnt.

I looked again, and at the bottmoe of the screen i saw writing moving slowly accross it, the WTC centre had been hit by an Aeroplane, they werent sure if it was a terrorist attack, or an accident. At that momment my heart sank, I dont know why, but it hit me afetr about 5 minutes watching the news It occured to me that people worked in those buildings, and that people were probobly already dead…I hated that, then a few seconds later.. the second plane hit, I saw it, Live. It was the most horrible and sickening thing I had ever seen, tears filled my eyes, but i didnt let them fall.

A while later my brother came out with news that the Pentagon hit, not really knowing what this was, I learnt that it was Americas main Defence force or something like that. I still wasnt sure what it looked like..I was thinking of the Capital Hill building, but it wasnt.

After this, the first WTC that had been hit..collpased, its needle slowly collapsed, down, bits of smoke and ash flying frmo every floor as it got trampled on by tons and tons of steel or metal. I could not think why people had jumped out of their floor, probobly thought it was the only way out. People were hanging from windows swaying their shirts and hands…they couldnt escape..they were gone.

The second colapsed while a news reporter was talking, I cant expalin the look on her face when it did. Horrifying, words cant explain what I felt…i could only imagine the people who were actually there , and people in the buildings around and in the two WTC felt. Popele looking for collegues and loved ones, but what about the people in the planes?

A few weeks later I learnt that a family of three were on one of the planes, a husband and wife, with their beutfiul baby daughter, she was 2.

It annoys me that these suicide terrorist attacks have taken innocent lives, didnt they think before they acted? of course not, thats the way life is , we cant change the past, but we can remeber it.

Those people who woke up late and decided not to go to work are so so lucky, one man had lost his entire floor. He was one of the ones who woke up late.

And still a month and a half later, everyday we see updates and whos bombing who and whos getting blamed. Even our austrlian troops have gone of to take part,and stand by Americas side…as we will and im proud that us Aussies can and will fight by your sides, but can we all please stop and think about the people who were lost? during all this fighting ?

Thank you, from an australian to the americans…god bless

Australia, W.A

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