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Hi, I am a 24 year old girl form Chile, South America. I would like to share my story and feelings to all people through this web site.

9/11 has been the most shocking day of my entire life, no doubt about it. Thousands of horrible deaths one would have prayed not to see ever.

On September 10 I had a huge headache (funny, I will never forget that), so I went to bed very early. Next day I was up at 8:40 am. My mom was sitting in the kitchen watching TV, but she wasn’t looking at the news, she was watching a decorative channel on cable, so we didn’t know what was about to happen.

I went to get a short shower and then turned on the TV on my bedroom. Sadly I don’t watch much domestic channels , only cable, so I didn’t know what was going on.

Then it happened, my mother entered my bedroom and told me the following: “Quickly switch the channel, a small plane just crashed into a tower of the WTC”. It was very shocking because 6 months earlier we had been on NY for vacations and reached the top of the, one and only, Twin Towers observation deck.

Mom went back to the kitchen and I sat down on my bed and check the local news. The same image that goes around my head till this day, the top of the first tower covered with smoked, and a bunch of people hanging throw the windows asking for help.

At the time I thought it was an accident, a small plane had hit the towers, and there was nothing more to come. Who would have guessed it was 5 terrorists striking america??. Imposible.

But, sadly, it was, I saw it, with my own eyes, live on TV, a second airplane disappeared behind the second tower. Next thing I saw was a huge explosion. But I didn’t believe that was another airplane, I thought the news channel was repeting the scene where the first airplane had crashed ..  but it wasn’t.

Morning was a chaos after that, both towers in flame, people asking for help, throwing themselves out the building, it was simply horrible. I was about to cry in impottence. I didn’t understand why there people who did these things, who were they, why did they do it, what did they accomplish?.

Then another plane, the pentagon, my mother was devastated, she hadn’t seen evil in a long long time, and I had never seen it.

Finally the fourth plane, didn’t hit anything, but also dozens of lives were lost.

I didn’t think it was over, I thought more planes were about to come. But the images centered on WTC. Firemen and policemen were getting people out, finally, the nightmare had ended. People will get out and somehow the rescuers will find the way to get the people on the top of the buildings out of there, I don’t know, maybe get them on the the roof.

Damn!!, first tower collapsed, totally unbelievable, I didn’t even thought about that scenario, nor did my mother. At first I thought terrorists had demolished it, I mean they did, but I thought bombs had been placed on the bottom.

I was so angry, sad, I burst into tears, all those poor people, what did they do to deserve such horrible death? Nothing. Then, desperation, people begun throwing themselves out the second tower, desperate people, lots of them, shocking images ... and then the second tower collapsed ... I couldn’t say a word, my phone was ringing, my mobile phone was ringing, I didn’t know what to do, I just stared at the TV, like a zombi.

They were all dead, I just knew it, all the firemen, all the policemen, all the workers, security guards, all of them, they were all dead. I inmediatly remember the nice lady that sold me a couple of souvenirs on the observation deck 6 months ago. Surelly she was dead too. The guys on Sbarro’s, the guy that operated the elevator, etc. All dead.

That day hasn’t ended for me. It will be forever with me inside my head. Everytime I remember I get sad and feel like crying. As i said before I was up there 6 months before the attacks, the funny thing is I was exactly on March 11, it looked beautifull, huge towers, the biggest I had ever seen. They were so big that you couldn’t take photograpjhs of them, if you wanted to see the top you had to lay down on the street smile. They were beautifull.

This is my story, hope I don’t have to tell it again, until my kids study global history.

It was simply the saddest day for the entire world, I felt ashamed to be a human being for the first time of my life.

God bless America, god bless you all victims of the September 11 attacks, and god have mercy on our souls.


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