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Manuela Ribeiro

Hi, my name is Manuela and I am writing from Macau, near Hong Kong, China. On that day I had my TV on about 10 p.m. and I was viewing a documentary when suddenly there was a blackout and the WTC towers appeared in the screen and one of them was in flames. I thought what a stupid thing for the station to cut the documentary and start showing some kind of movie and blamed the staff for being so incompetent. Only seconds later did I realize that the station had switched to CNN news and the “movie” was something very real and cruel. I was starting to grasp the horror of such - I though then - accident when came to my view as to many millions around the world a second plane flying straight to the South Tower. I was appalled and tears started running down my face. Then ... well what can I say more? So many people expressed the shock and horror of all these. Even today, when I read or see images of what happened I still cry. Having been in NY and at the WTC panoramic terrace once I cannot imagine NY without them. But my heart goes to the families of all that are still missing. Those who lost relatives or friends and whose bodies were recovered and identified, despite the pain they still had something to cling to. A funeral, a body, but all the others… good God it is almost unbearable to think of it. From so far I offered my contribute to the victims through donations to the Red Cross, the Tribute to Heroes and the NY Firefighters Fund. In a small way I joined your pain and repulse for such an horrible act. God bless you all.

Manuela Ribeiro
Macau - China

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