NYC Stories

Farrell Curry

The Lighthouse

The storms of life came one day, like a ship on a stormy wind tossed sea I struggled to find my way, not knowing where I was, not able to see the light of day.  But then I remembered a night not so long ago when my ship was tossed to and fro, not knowing which way to go I looked out across the sea and saw a light in the darkest night, this light I know was meant for me. It showed me the way that I should go, it guided me to shore and saved me from the jagged rocks below. In the safety and peace of the Harbor my ship now rests, away from the wind, the night and the stormy sea that tried to push me on the rocks to kill me. Yes I am battered, bruises and torn, but I am now safe and warm. I am being repaired to sail another day on the beautiful sea of life, to weather another storm maybe, but I will not be afraid because I know that there is a Light that shines brighter, yes brighter than the brightest day. Jesus is the Lighthouse and I will tell the world how through the darkest night that Light shines for me and for them. So if you are in a storm and the way isn’t clear, just remember look to Jesus and He will draw you near. He is the Harbor of safety, peace and rest to those who are in distress.

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