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Céline Chartrand

Same shared feelings from most of my colleagues, it was the most gruesome day we ever had. We work in an environment similar to WTC in the Ottawa Capital - Canada, and let me say, since that day,  the sound of the airplanes passing by our 20th floor windows still makes us glance out to view them passing by.

Busy offices, meetings and friendly chats within ones offices becomes quiet for a minute to ensure our lives are not shattered by a moment of what if….

For some, familly and friends have perished, we hugged and grieved the lost as you shared it with your own.

The best man, to my friends wedding was coming down to be part of the celebration. He did not leave on time from his 100th some floor.

My best friend and colleague’s husband; their meeting was held and missed his Boston plane. sigh! of releif.

Another co-worker who recently came back from Maternity Leave; resigned from work to be with her familly full time.

It has touched more than NY, for some it destroyed their lives (lost), their confidence (Security) but for others, it was the start of a new understanding and realization that life is too short to waste on pitty stuff.

Being far away from the site does not appease the heart felt feelings we share with all affected by this tragedy. It has hit home in all of us.

Céline Chartrand
Gatineau, Québec - border to the Capital Region / Ottawa

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