NYC Stories

Bill Holmes

The morning of September 11, I was awoken by a hard knock on my door. My friend told me to turn on the TV, a plane had crash into one of the WTC tower.  I couldn’t believe that he said, so I turn on the television.  I saw the tower with smoke billowing out of the sides and I was in shock.  As I was watching the first tower burn, I saw a plane go behind the south tower and crash into the other tower with flames and smoke coming out of it.  I was in shock and could not moved.  I think saw the damaged down to the Pentagon.  I heard about the plane that crash in Pennsylvania and that is when it became to much for me to handle.  I broke down and cried like a baby.  I thought about all those innocent people dying.  I wonder who will take care of their childrens. How will the parent explain to their children that mommy or daddy will not be coming home.

We discuss this in our cancer support group.  How we all felt helpless in helping the people in NYC WTC.  We related it to how helpless we felt when we found that we had cancer and what can be done to cure us.

I just pray for the familes and how that they will get through this and not let this affect their daily lives.

Bill Holmes

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