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Takin’ Care of Business

A little song I wrote to the tune of
“Takin’ Care of Business” by Randy Bachman.


You get up Tuesday morning

We don’t give no warning

Take the 8:15 out of Logan

There’ll be stabbing, there’ll be cutting

But that ain’t hardly nothing

There’s a whole lot gonna get broken

And if the plane’s on time

You can hit the tower by nine

Then in paradise you’re gonna get your pay

There’ll be people unemployed

And they sure will be annoyed

When they see their mighty towers blown away


And you’ll be doin’ it for Allah, gotta fly

Doin’ it for Allah, flying high

You’ll be doin’ it for Allah, don’t ask why

Doin’ it for Allah, today you’re gonna die

Look out!


In the pilot’s position

You could be a munition

If just learn to fly the plane level

You can go to flight school

If you play it all cool

Don’t let on that you’re a suicidal devil


People look up at the sun

As your plane hits World Trade One

They won’t believe you meant it this way

All the Yanks will be annoyed

When they see what you destroyed

Their towers turned to nothing in a day


And we be workin’ for bin Laden, gotta fly

Workin’ for bin Laden, flying high

You are workin’ for bin Laden, don’t ask why

Workin’ for bin Laden, today you’re gonna die

Look out!

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