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Man Rode WTC Roof

I heard that a man, a father of one of the student’s at a school where my father teaches, went up to the roof with two collegues to be rescued and ended up “riding” the fall all the way to the ground. His injury was two broken legs and the other two also survived and are in critical condition.

I later heard it was a police officer who rode the fall from the 85th floor and got one broken leg.

“A son and his father worked in the tower and they split up saying they’d meet on the ground. The father went to the roof and the son got out.

The father crawled inside a ventilation duct and rode the building all the way to the ground surviving with two broken legs.”

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Was watching C-Span last evening….the rumored person who rode the collapsing building down…..was a policeman on the 86th floor who was helping others when the collapse occurred…..he is crital with obvoius broken legs… there was some truth to that story…at least as reported by C-Span last night…

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