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Coup Changes Album Art Coup Changes Album Art

This June, the rap group, The Coup, put up on the internet a picture of its next music CD (a scheduled November release) titled, Party Music, to be produced by yet another music company, 75 Ark Records. At the time, the cover art drew little attention. It showed Boots Riley and friend holding a bomb detonator while the World Trade Center explodes behind them. If you examine the depicted explosions, you notice that they are around the relative height on each of the towers as the real explosions.

Immediately after the carnage of this Arab terrorist act, the music company withdrew the image from the internet and changed the name of the CD album. Riley, band leader, openly admitted the remarkable similarity between the cover and the event of September 11. He stated that the cover was intended to symbolize the group’s opposition to capitalism and claims he knew nothing about what was to happen on that fateful day. “Unfortunate,” he added.

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