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David Vanadia

My name is David and I offer Tai Chi, Qigong, and Yoga classes in Portland, Oregon. My approach to teaching Tai Chi comes from learning in the parks of New York, San Francisco, and Hangzhou. I am an ever-evolving student who loves to learn new things. As an instructor, I strive to facilitate a fun and challenging atmosphere leading people to discover the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of developing their own movement practice. Everyone is welcome in my classes.

Teaching Experience

  • adidas, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Qigong)
  • Avalon Health Spa, Portland, OR (Tai Chi)
  • Bally Total Fitness, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Yoga)
  • BodyVox, Portland, OR (Tai Chi)
  • Children of Light Health and Wellness Center, New York, NY (Tai Chi)
  • Friendly House Inc., Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Yoga)
  • Pan Handle Park, San Francisco, CA (Tai Chi)
  • Portland Center Stage, Portland, OR (Tai Chi)
  • Portland Parks & Rec., Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Qigong, Cardio Kickboxing)
  • Prana, Portland, OR (Qigong)
  • Healing Touch, San Francisco, CA (Tai Chi)
  • The Hive, San Francisco, CA (Tai Chi)
  • March Wellness, Portland, OR (Yoga, Tai Chi)
  • Movement Salon, New York, NY (Tai Chi)
  • Multnomah Athletic Club, New York, NY (Tai Chi)
  • Recess Wellness, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Qigong)
  • RiverPlace Athletic Club, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga)
  • Spa Chakra Fitness, Portland, OR (Cardio Boxing)
  • Straight Blast Gym, Portland, OR (Yoga)
  • Studio Nia, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Yoga)
  • Vanderbilt YMCA, New York, NY (Tai Chi)
  • Working Class Acupuncture, Portland, OR (Tai Chi)
  • YWCA, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Qigong)
  • 10th Ave. Athletic Club, Portland, OR (Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga)
  • 24 Hour Fitness, Portland, OR (Yoga)


  • CPR Certified, American Red Cross, Portland, OR (Current)
  • Specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning, ISSA, Carpinteria, CA (2010)
  • YT-200 Yoga Teacher Certification, Lotus Seed, Portland, OR (2006)

What They Say...

Besides being a wonderful example of the grace, strength, and passion that a regular practitioner of Tai Chi illustrates, David has an uncanny ability to break down the form into digestible bits, so that his students can grasp the form in all its depth.  He’s patient and his instructions are extremely clear.  If you want to learn Tai Chi from a great teacher, David is your man!

—Sandy Profeta

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