Live & Learn

Your Guide to the Low Residency Art MFA

National Student Debt:  

Live & Learn Manifesto

  1. Stay out of debt.
  2. Never stop learning.
  3. Keep practicing your art.
  4. Share what you know.
  5. Teach, test, and tell the truth.

Live & Learn is an online guide for anyone considering attending (and borrowing large sums of money to pay for) a low residency art MFA program.

Beware of student loans! Education is good but debt is bad, especially for artists. I began this site after graduating from the low residency MFA-IA (Master of Fine Art, Interdisciplinary Arts) program at Goddard College. My hope is to help you to feel clear about your choice to get or not get an MFA. Most MFA programs last about two or three years, but the debt you incur can last a lifetime. If things go well, the MFA could serve your art and your career.

Which you would rather spend your future pursuing: a zero balance on your student loan debt or mastery of your chosen artform? Both paths take years of dedicated hard work but only one of them takes 20+ years to get to zero.