About Me (and my work)

David speaking and teaching.
Sharing, teaching, talking, and telling.

Hi, I’m David—a writer, storyteller, consultant, and teacher. After witnessing the destruction of the World Trade Center in 2001, I quit the rat race and set out to just be happy. I now spend my time teaching Tai Chi classes, keeping fit, writing, and storytelling.

Since 1995, I have performed original stories in the United States and abroad at schools, bars, coffeehouses, clubs and festivals including the Digital Storytelling Festival and the Yukon International Storytelling Festival. I’ve also presented and/or offered classes and workshops at companies, colleges and conferences.

As a narrative practitioner, I employ an interdisciplinary approach to storytelling that incorporates writing, performing, teaching, organizing live events, collecting folklore, documentation, and facilitating narrative environments. I call this approach Applied Narrative because it draws no lines between the lessons of a classroom, the fun of a game space, and the magic of a storytelling experience.

I am available for freelance writing assignments, generating creative content, training, consulting, and speaking. Contact me.

As a ticketing systems trainer for over ten years, I enjoy finding that rare trainer that works with an energy, attitude and knowledge that is incomparable. David Vanadia is one of those rare trainers with incredible patience too. He used great examples and gave clear, concise detailed explanations to questions. During the dot com surge my company was merged with a huge online company. In addition to being the trainer, I was the systems information manager and became responsible for internal and external systems of information. The company also launched new software written in HTML and Javascript. My background had been in training and sales, not coding. I hired David to train me in coding so that I could learn to build and maintain sites and to carry on an intelligent conversation with company programmers. The result was beyond my expectations and David gave me confidence in my new found knowledge. I was able to solve software functionality issues that seasoned programmers could not. Rebecca Dunkle Former Student
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