DIY Stories


You step onto the stage,
you tell your story,
and the audience loves it.

Because you’ve been practicing.

Get Your Tale in Shape

Join us every Monday from 6-7 pm for storytelling classes in Portland, Oregon.

Located at: Vibrant Studios, 1532 SW Jefferson Portland, OR 97201

Each session exercises your abilities in a different area of telling, listening, theory, and application. Perfect for teachers, trainers, performers, writers, professionals, and anyone who wants to stretch and strengthen their story skills in a supportive, no-pressure environment. Classes are ongoing. Drop-ins always welcome!

$12 per class. Discounted multi-class cards available.

Upcoming Themes:

Oct. 27 - All about fear!

Nov. 10 - Framing stories, because context is everything.

Nov. 24 - Sentimentality, sincerity, and pulling heart strings.

Dec. 8 - Comfortably talking about yourself and your work.