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Aaron, Annie, and Anna telling at a DIY Stories storytelling show.
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Storytelling Classes

Get your tale in shape! Join us for storytelling classes in Portland, Oregon. Exercise your abilities in a different area of telling, listening, theory, and application. Perfect for teachers, trainers, performers, writers, professionals, and anyone who wants to stretch and strengthen their communication skills in a safe and supportive environment. Classes are ongoing. Come by!

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January’s Topics

1/16: Stand-Up Storytelling
Yes, you have to tell a tale in this class—that’s what it’s all about! We will not record or put you on YouTube. Got a talk coming up? Practice here and you will be awesome there.

1/23: Speaking to the Senses
Learn the different ways people communicate, gather an arsenal of descriptive action words that vividly depict your tale (any tale), then practice connecting with others on their wavelength.

1/30: Crafting Your “About Me” Page
Tongue-tied when it comes to talking about yourself? This is the class for you. Learn a simple framework, answer questions, and better communicate your story on the World Wide Web.

Fun Workshops

DIY Stories workshops are fun, professional training sessions that teach you how to craft and tell your story online and in person.

Live Storytelling

Sharing stories. Discovering something new. Realizing we’re all human. That’s DIY Stories for memorable events, team building, or just plain fun.

Tell Your Tale

Creative consulting for TED talks, sales pitches, story slams, ‘about me’ pages, blogs, business presentations, digital storytelling, and narrative projects.